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Should I Get a Banjo?


Mike’s taking me to a Bluegrass festival…THIS WEEKEND!  The Oil City Bluegrass Festival.

I’m pretty excited.  You see, for two years now, I’ve wanted a banjo.  I always talk myself out of it, though, because I think, “I have no musical talent.  I probably can’t learn to pluck.”

But every time I hear a banjo, I want to do it again.  So Mike and I are going to go listen to some banjos and have some beers (well, probably Mike will have some beers…I don’t feel like it since my cousin’s bachelorette party).

The point is that I am super excited.  Just me and my baby listenin’ to some bluegrass.  If you’re in the area, let me know!

But before I go…do you think I should get a banjo?

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