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On a Mission to Re-Style…and Re-Identify

I’m in between styles right now.  Among styles?  Without a style?  I’m not sure what the right preposition is…but I’m afraid it’s much more than style.

I do not have much of an identity.  My boss calls me “Country”, but I no longer dress full-on country or participate in country activities regularly.  But I would like to take up camping and shooting guns.

I really like big diamonds, expensive purses, and fancy things…but I’m not a fancy girl.  I’m cheap, and I’m a bargain hunter, and I don’t really dress the style of the fancy lady.

I dig the style of the 1950’s housewife, but starting to dress that way now, well, people would just call me a rockabilly.

I’m no longer a hippy like I was in college.

I do still wear that skirt, though.

So what am I?  I mean, I am starting to lose myself here.

I’m calling for a mission–a mission I will give to myself.  A mission to Re-Style and Re-Identify who I am and what I love.

Each day, no matter what I post about, I’m going to make a statement about something that I like, do not like, etc.  I’ll also be posting potential Re-Style / Re-Identify pictures on my Mission to Restyle Pinterest board.  Maybe that’ll help…

So today:  I hate skinny jeans.  Although this is fairly obvious, I just thought I’d throw it out there.



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