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Things That I Spend Too Much Time Worrying About

I spend a lot of time worrying. I should probably stop that.

But for fun, here are the things I spend too much time worrying about:

  • $$$
  • Where my black t-shirt is
  • If someone will use my designated baby names before me
  • Whether fats or carbs are more harmful
  • If I ran far enough
  • How much I spent on my jeans
  • If I turned my screen off at work
  • If there are bugs in my apartment that I can’t see (I KNOW THERE ARE)
  • How long I’ll have to live in a damn apartment
  • Whether or not my upstairs neighbors are sawing at a skate ramp or a body at 11pm
  • What other people think about me
  • Whether or not I can pull off crochet
  • The fact that I don’t have a style
  • How damn busy I am every weekend (booked up till June 16)
  • How everyone else is getting married before me
  • The state of today’s children (read:  their weakness and inability to handle the world as it comes at them)
  • The disappearance of cursive in schools
  • The disappearance of memory due to Google
  • The disappearance of spelling ability
  • Friends moving away
  • Whether or not I go home enough
  • If I really needed two Michael Kors bags
  • Where I’m going to get married (I’m from Northwest Ohio, Mike’s from Western PA, I live in the middle)
  • Why I can’t do the crafts that I find on Pinterest
  • What I could cook if I actually cooked
  • Whether or not Mike will leave me because I cannot cook 😉
  • If I could keep a plant alive
  • Why people fight about religion
  • Why anyone would own a guinea pig
  • Why moose don’t live in Ohio
  • Why Mike doesn’t like the flat lands
  • Why I haven’t traveled
  • Why I hated North Carolina so much
  • Why we haven’t invented a teleportation system yet
  • Why I can hear cardinals lately, but I can’t seem to find them

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And the name of my softball team is…

The “I’d Hit Its”.

That is all.

Happy Friday!

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When the Hell Did I Get So Boring and Twitchy?

I was talking with my friend Chris today and we both agree that our late 20’s are kind of shitty.  I can’t get in the same town as Mike and Chris is looking to catch a break in more than a few ways.

And I’m so damn worried about the future that quite frankly, I’ve turned into a royal curmudgeon.  So much so, in fact, that my left eye has not stopped twitching for weeks.  TWITCHY CURMUDGEON!

I rarely go out during the week with my coworkers…and if I do, I’m usually pretty lame.  You can ask them.  They will tell you the same.

I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday.  I got cranky about my oil change.  I pouted about living alone when I had to kill a spider.  I get pissy because I can’t decorate my apartment (if I can’t paint, then why even bother?).  Then I get pissier because I don’t want to live in an apartment and I want a backyard.

It never ends.  I’m boring.  I’ve lost my excitement about “right now” because I’m so worried about the future.  I’m going to try to change that…

If you catch me being a curmudgeon, smack me and tell me to snap out of it.


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Afghan Update

Mike’s mom and sister are making the Roseanne afghan as we speak!  I’m so excited. They’re so good to me.  Just let me know the bill for labor and yarn, guys! 🙂  Love you bunches.

In other news, 27 isn’t turning out to be what I thought it would be.  Let’s just hope it gets better.

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Buttermilk Biscuits and Other Softball Stuff

So I joined a softball team.  I do not know any of the particulars. I don’t know the name of the team.  I don’t know what position I will be playing, and I do not know where we play/practice/etc.  In addition, I only know one person on the team and that’s because she asked me to join this morning.

Remember when I was bitching about not being able to meet people in my mid-20’s?  SOLVED!

That said, I AM SO EXCITED!

I used to play rec league softball in high school, and I had a blast.  When I was in grad school down in North Carolina, my lovely friend Jenny made us all sign up for an intramural team called The Buttermilk Biscuits.  A bunch of writers on a softball team.  We got our asses kicked.

But now I get to play again!  I have to get my mitt back from Mike’s house.  And I wonder if I still have a bat.

Shit, much more importantly–I need to hit the batting cages.



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Welp, I’m 27.

Yesterday was my 27th birthday.  It is what it is, I suppose.

I hung out with friends on Friday night.  I went to my parents’ house on Saturday and drank wine with Mike and my brother.  We drove around Port Clinton for awhile, grabbed a surprise for my good friends Scott and Michelle down in North Carolina, and lay low.

On Sunday, my parents took us out to eat and then we were back in Brunswick.  On Monday, I got hibachi and sushi at Shinto with my coworkers. 🙂

The highlight:  Mike bought me a tent…which I promptly set up in my living room! I can officially go tent camping!

Thanks to everyone for making it a great birthday. 🙂


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Friday Funday!

I don’t particularly have much to say today except for the fact that the next post I write will be from a 27-year-old perspective instead of 26.  So get ready for that.

Until then, here are 50 People I Wish I Knew In Real Life:


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