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Literary Names for Nuggets

I know I know–I’m really digging this baby-naming thing into the ground.  And no, for all of you who like to insinuate–I’m not knocked up.  But everyone around me is and my ovaries are glowing and damnit I want to name something!

And being that I studied literature for 7 years in college (including grad school, assholes), I think that I have to address the fad of naming nuggets after literary characters.  And I can only assume that authors put a lot of thought into naming their characters.  This is one of those instances that I’m sure they look at the meanings of names and base their characters actions off of them.  It’s a good theory.

I always wrote nonfiction, so I never really got to name anything (except unfortunate barn cats)…but I assume that this is how it goes.

There are obvious problems with this–but also obvious advantages.  I mean, people LOVE characters from books, but rules #1:  THEY MUST BE CLASSIC TITLES!  None of this Stephenie Meyers bullshit.  Pick a classic book, like The Great Gatsby or something by Shakespeare.  Or you can name them after the authors themselves…  A little boy named Tennyson would be adorable.  Heck, a little girl named Tennyson would be adorable.  Dylan?  YEAH!

But if you’re going to go literary–author or character–please just don’t make it after a fad.  Make sure that the book is respected, and that it’s going to be around for awhile.  And who cares if it’s controversial–Twain’s a pretty sweet name.


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