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Buttermilk Biscuits and Other Softball Stuff

So I joined a softball team.  I do not know any of the particulars. I don’t know the name of the team.  I don’t know what position I will be playing, and I do not know where we play/practice/etc.  In addition, I only know one person on the team and that’s because she asked me to join this morning.

Remember when I was bitching about not being able to meet people in my mid-20’s?  SOLVED!

That said, I AM SO EXCITED!

I used to play rec league softball in high school, and I had a blast.  When I was in grad school down in North Carolina, my lovely friend Jenny made us all sign up for an intramural team called The Buttermilk Biscuits.  A bunch of writers on a softball team.  We got our asses kicked.

But now I get to play again!  I have to get my mitt back from Mike’s house.  And I wonder if I still have a bat.

Shit, much more importantly–I need to hit the batting cages.



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