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Memorial Day Weekend

Below are the pictures!

Friday night, Mike and I went to Kay and Matt’s house in Ashland.  We managed to kill a case of Bud Light, and went to bed and were all up by 8:00 to go to Senecaville.

We stopped at Fin, Feather, and Fur to get fishing poles and fishing licenses…but instead, I fell in love with a dress that had pockets (the orange one) so I bought that instead of a pole.  Then we met Shelley down in Senecaville at her darling darling camp!

We went fishing, probably went through four more cases of beer, but it was so damn hot that I couldn’t even get a buzz on!  It was Kay, Matt, Shell, Rachel, Aimee, Chris, Barbs, Sarah, Mike and me, and we had a blast!  Sarah’s booty dancing, Mike’s hip-hopping, the band, the music, the fire, the fishing.  OH, and only Shelley caught a fish–figure that one out.  DUMB LUCK! 🙂

Anyway, Matt, Kay, Mike and I slept in a tent, and there was an awesome lightning storm.  I can’t believe the lightning bugs are out already!

The next morning, we were packed up and on the road by 8:30.  We made it to Fremont in time for my family’s party, then we hit the hay. It was a long long weekend.

We saw The Avengers, went to an Indians game, and had a really nice time. 🙂  So there you have it!

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Holy Farking Weekend

I will post pictures and tell you stories tomorrow.  Today, however, is for catch-up.

Something exciting may be happening.  Think good thoughts!

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The Glee Project: Season 2

Okay, so I finally watched the first episode of The Glee Project:  Season 2.

I’m already invested.  GAH!

But I’m really too excited about the weekend to say more than that.  BUT, I’m saying right now that Maxfield and Nellie are my favorites:

That said, I love Charlie, Blake, and Abraham.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  See you Wednesday!

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I. Am. So. Excited.

Memorial Day weekend is edging closer and closer.  And I can’t wait for:

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I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey outside of the “sneak peak” I got from Amazon, and the few minutes I stood in Target giggling like a school girl with Mike as we paged through looking for “the good scenes.”

I can say I got a feel for what is in the book from reading, but the majority of my impressions have been formed by celebrities reading the book aloud.


Ellen reads it:

Gilbert Gottfried reads it:

And then there’s this–the cast of Snow White and the Huntsman reading it, including Chris Hemsworth.

IF they make a movie, I might have to see it…because they’re interested in Chris playing the main guy.  SCORE:


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From Hate to Thankfulness

One of my very favorite people–Amy O–told me that since I hated everything yesterday, that she expected to see a post about praise today.

I’m going to try.  Really.  She’s right. I have a lot to be thankful for.

I did end up having a great night last night.  I played softball (won the first game, lost miserably at the second) and went out with some of the girls after.  We had a lot of laughs, and I found out that we know some mutual people and live near one another.  Yay!  I solved the mystery of how to meet friends in your 20’s.

And then I saw my college roommate‘s brother sitting on the patio.  I haven’t seen him in forever! It was pretty exciting. 🙂

And there’s only 4 days left of the work week before a 4-day weekend…  So that’s nice.

I know I should be more thankful.  It’s just too easy to focus on the bad things sometimes.  I do feel lucky to be where I am with what I have right now.

I just feel this deep wrinkle forging its permanent existence into my forehead.  I’ll show it to you soon.  Until then…

Thanks, Mama O!

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It’s One of Those I Hate Everything Days

I hate that Mike and I are not together.

I hate that there’s no prospect of us being together anytime soon.

I hate ticks.

I hate eating.

I hate that I signed up for a softball league.

I hate that I won’t have time to run tonight.

I hate that I didn’t sleep last night.

I hate that I won’t get to sleep until way later tonight.

I hate that I didn’t wash all my dirty clothes this weekend.

I hate that I’m going to have to go grocery shopping soon.

I hate my apartment–big time.  I will NEVER recommend Laurel Hill Apartments in Brunswick to anyone.

I hate that I’ll be living in an apartment for the rest of my foreseeable future.

I hate that it’s time to go back to work after my lunch break.  I need a nap.


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Top Five Men-Producing Countries

It’s been awhile since I’ve been crude and talked about men like the pieces of (glorious) meat that they are.

So today, I will give you the Top Five Men-Producing Countries.  WTF does that mean?  It means the countries that produce the type of men that I would like to date.  So…here we go.

Top Five Men-Producing Countries (in no specific order):

1)  Iceland – Manly men.  Manly manly manly.  Like Hermann Hreiðarsson.  6ft 3in of man right there.

2)  Ireland – Fun, drunk, and dead sexy.  Like Colin Farrell.  Bad.  Ass.

3)  Canada – Strong, toothless, wonderful.  And bearded.  Like Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher.

And Dave Salmoni:

4)  Denmark – Um…what?  Where the hell did Nikolaj Coster-Waldau come from?  And why is he not on my Guilt-Free Three?

5)  Australia – Golden, blonde, beautiful.  Caine Eckstein?  Yeah.  I’ll forgive the belly shirt for this guy.

And Chris Hemsworth:

And the good ole USA for Josh Holloway:


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Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky

I’m so stuck on this song right now.  Ask my office mates:

Heck.  I’m stuck on this band.  They’re called Walk Off the Earth.  Check out this Gotye cover:

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Reliving Xanga. Um…what?

I don’t know if it was the wine.  I don’t know if it was my blog stats.  I don’t know if it was a Facebook post or what that triggered it, but I wondered how my Xanga was–the Xanga I started in 2002.

And oddly enough, I remembered my username and password on the first try.  Then OH MY GOD.  If you were reading my Facebook posts last night, you know where this is going.  That’s right–into a time warp nostalgia crackhead place.  Ho. Lee.  Shit.

I was so emo!  “I’m so depressed.”  “I want to be in a mausoleum.”  “Why is life so hard?”


It was so cool to have a Xanga back in the day.  So cool.  🙂  I think of it now as my pre-blog.  But Lord…was it terrible.  I wrote some terrible poetry.  I spelled things the British way.  I complained a lot…

Well, here.  You can see for yourself.

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