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My last three big purchases for myself have all been made of leather.  There’s something about it that I can’t turn away from.  Purses, boots, and jackets.  I can’t help myself.

Five minutes ago, I ate chicken.

Yesterday, I read this article about the hideous purse Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen put out there.  And hideous as it is, it doesn’t bother me that it’s made of fur:

I guess what I’m saying is…I love animal goods–in food and fashion.  Sorry PETA!

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UPDATED: The Great Leather Crisis of 2012

UPDATE:  It’s no longer a crisis…I bought it.  ::woops::

I have a crisis.  It looks like this:

I can get it for half off…  It’s kind of my dream jacket.

What do I do?


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Chris Hemsworth, Why Do You Do This To Me?

Ermahgerd…Chris Hemsworth.Thank you, GQ (all photos courtesy of GQ).  This puts me in a very good place…and a very bad place.  VERY BAD PLACE.  😀  What a Hump Day.

Chris Hemsworth GQ

Chris Hemsworth GQChris Hemsworth GQChris Hemsworth GQChris Hemsworth GQ

Chris Hemsworth GQ

Chris Hemsworth GQ

Chris Hemsworth GQ

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When I was younger and throwing a hissy fit, there were two things that calmed me down.

The first was a VHS tape of Michael Jackson’s Concert at Budapest that my parents recorded from VH1.  They popped it in, I shut the hell up.

The second was also a VHS tape of the Beach Boys video “Kokomo”, also recorded from either VH1 or MTV.

For whatever reason this morning, I watched this video, and I was taken back.  By the music, but the old cocktail footage, by UNCLE JESSE IN A PINK TANK TOP PLAYING DRUMS.

First of all–he has always been hot.  I love him–still–always.  I think John Stamos in this video was the cause of my sexual awakening.  Well, that might be a little exaggerated.  It was the moment that I realized I really liked boys–even greasy ones with pink tank tops.  Gimme a break, it was the ’80s.

Anyway, here’s the video.  Happy nostalgia!

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I Wish I Had a “Guy” for Things

Ha ha–I mean, I have a guy and his name is Mike and he is WONDERFUL.  He’s actually the guy.  The one I love to pieces and pieces and pieces.  The guy who has made me smile so much over the past three years.

I mean I wish I was the person who had a “guy” for things.  You know, like, I wish I had a “car guy” who would give Mike an awesome deal on a new car.

I wish I had a “finance guy” who would tell me where/when/how to invest.

I wish I had a “real estate guy” who would show me how to buy a house.

I wish I had a “ring guy” who would understand my desire for jewelry and give whoever I marry a cheaper way to make my dream ring come true.

Ha ha, I think mostly I just want to be able to say, “I know a guy.”



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ERMAHGERD! Tomorrow is the Day That Everything Changes…

It’s true.  Mike and I are officially going to share a residence.

Doesn’t seem real.  I hope I like living with him. 😉  JUST KIDDING.  I know I do.  I had those 5 great months with him in 2010.

So back to packing–I just wanted to check in here and leave you with this:

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NOSTALGIA – Nano Babies

I had a Nano Baby.  All my cousins had Nano Babies.  And we loved those damn things.

We fed them, cleaned up after them, and took care of them until they were 3 years old.  And then the game started over.  Here’s what I remember about Nano Babies:

  • There were GigaPets, Tamagotchis, and Nano Babies.  Nano Babies were my favorite.
  • The sex of the Nano Baby changed each time you reset it.  Then you got to name it.
  • I named every single boy Nano Baby JTT, Jonathan, Taylor, Thomas, Jonny, etc.  You see where I’m going with this.
  • I named the girl Nano Babies after the Baby-Sitters Club:  Stacey, Claudia, MaryAnne, Dawn…but never Mallory or Kristi.
  • If you were mad at your cousin, you’d press the circle and square buttons simultaneously to reset the  game and “kill” their baby.  (Many tears were shed over early Nano Baby death.)
  • When Nano Babies pooped, it left a big steaming pile on the screen and the baby crawled around it till you cleaned it up (surprisingly close to real life).
  • The graphics on Nano Babies made them all look like lil blobs.
  • If you didn’t “start” your baby at the right time, its sleep schedule would be off and you’d be up all night feeding the damn thing so it didn’t die overnight (again, surprisingly close to real life).
  • You freaked out if you had your Nano Baby on your backpack or you left it in your locker and couldn’t get to it.
  • Nano Babies got sick, and then they were even more of a pain in the ass.

Mostly, I remember that I loved that damn thing.  I wish I could find it.  Anyone want to give me theirs?  I’ll trade you a bag of candy and two weeks’ allowance.  🙂

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I Officially Have a Roseanne Problem…

Look what I did.  Look.  It was one thing to get the afghan.  But then I did this:

I have a problem.  A huge huge problem.  I’ve put myself into the cast.  I’ve made myself a part of Roseanne.  🙂 Doesn’t it look so natural?

SO natural.  🙂


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Insert Hip Hop Terminology Here

I’m not “streetwise”.  I don’t do the hip-hop thing.  In fact, I’ve been known to call it “hippy hoppy”.

I don’t listen to hip-hop.  Well, I didn’t listen to hip-hop.  All the sudden, it’s all I want to hear.  I’ve particularly been on an Eminem kick.  I really don’t get it.  I mean, I was amused with him when he first came out.  I enjoyed watching him at the VMAs.  My brother was really into it.  I remember my mom buying him the censored Marshall Mathers LP.

The odd thing is that I’m not into current hip-hop.  Like I said, I’m listening to Eminem, Dr. Dre (2001, The Chronic), Biggie–all the stuff that was big when I was in high school.  Maybe I’m being nostalgic?  I don’t know.  All I know is that it’s weird.

Until next time:

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Another day.

At least this came:


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