On Wedding Showers / Bachelorette Parties / Receptions

29 Aug

Let’s face it.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve been to a helluva lot of wedding showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, and receptions because I’m one of the very few people in my circle of friends that hasn’t taken that dive into adulthood yet.

And I’ll be honest–each one ignites a small green flame of jealously in me.  But each one also brings a landslide of ideas of do’s and don’ts for when my time comes.

I realize that each person is different, and that each event should be tailored to the people in which they honor.  So just because something isn’t my style doesn’t mean it’s not theirs.  But all these showers/parties/receptions have left me making lists for my own.  Of course I can’t plan my own shower or party, but I do have some suggestions for whoever is involved when the time comes:

The Wedding Shower

  • NO GAMES.  NONE.  No one wants to list silly facts about me.  No one wants to answer questions.  No one really cares how we got to where we are–just that we are there.  I’ll give all my guests favors should you desire compensation for coming to my shower.
  • Food:  We’re grilling out.  Burgers, hot dogs, and veggie burgers.  And plenty of fixin’s and sides.
  • Drink:  Alcohol.  Because let’s be honest. You’ll have more fun, and so will I.
  • Place:  Outside.  Duh, we’re grilling.  Let’s have a bonfire!
  • Presents:  Appreciated, of course.  And I will not be offended if you are not interested in watching me open them.
  • Boys:  NONE…during the shower.  I want the guys to drop off their ladies and head to a local bar.  Then I want them to come back when the shower is over, eat the rest of the food, move/pack up the presents, and continue drinking.  Why not just make the shower a party?
  • Get a little crazy. 🙂  Why not tent camp?
  • EDIT:  Jenny would like me to inform you that there will be funny hats.  Lots of them.

The Bachelorette Party

These always make me nervous.  The truth is that I just don’t want my bridesmaids/family/etc. to have to spend a bunch of money to have a party for me.  So here’s what I want:

  • All the ladies meet at someone’s house to do some pregaming.  Pregaming = cheaper than drinking in a bar.
  • We can do this for 1 hour or 5 hours.  I don’t really care.
  • Take me to one bar.  That’s it.  I don’t really want to go anywhere crazy.  If we’re in Fremont, let’s make it the Depot.  Otherwise–let’s find some beer specials.
  • I’m fine with strippers so long as they don’t touch me with their junk.
  • I will wear typical bachelorette party attire.
  • If you’re going to provide me with dirty gifts, do it at the house before we go to the bar. 🙂

The Reception

Now this…this I do have some control over, and I’ll keep it a surprise for those of you who will be there.  The rest of you will have to rejoice in pictures someday. 🙂

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