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The finest game of Fremont! Thanks for putting this together, Tim!

Thoughts From The Tragically Flawed Mind Of Tim

A few months ago I wrote a blog about drinking games called Drink a Double. Quite a few people both near and abroad have asked me how to play Deal’Ems…a game I discussed. I have recently come across the rules written by a friend of mine (JuJu).

So here you have it; The Official Un-Offical Rules


(The Game of NO Winners)


A Resolution to establish rules to govern “Deal’ems”,

WHEREAS, Deal’ems was created in the year 1971, by four adventurous Lads from Fremont Ohio. These fine American gentlemen, determined that just drinking their favorite beverage was not enough, and that playing cards for your favorite beverage was more fun, and that the beverages were meant to be chugged quickly and in mass quantities.

WHEREAS, there are no set rules or regulations governing play and the amount of “payments”. THEREFORE, let it be resolved, the…

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