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The Computer Generation Makes Me Sad


Okay, how come 90’s kids lack real-life social skills?  I was just talking with a coworker who is nervous about meeting an artist in person that – so far – she has only talked to online.  It is BEYOND me why this is scary.  And it’s not because she’s afraid he’s a psycho or a Craigslist killer or anything.  It’s because she fears that it will be awkward.  More awkward that only knowing someone online…  What?

I’m also running into more and more people who are afraid to just talk to strangers.  I’m not talking about methheads or anything. I’m talking about normal people.  Like Saturday, I was at the mall and I saw a woman looking at the Sanuk yoga mat sandals that I own already, so I spoke up and told her how they’re my absolute favorite shoes and I wear them from the first warm day to the last warm day of the year.  She smiled and was grateful, said she’d been considering them for months.

Another example:  Mike and I were at Sully’s in Medina, Ohio for dinner one Friday.  We were standing with a crowd waiting to be seated and I told the woman next to me (who was super-cute-pregnant and cuddling her husband) that she was adorable and they were a cute couple.  We talked for 10 minutes and found out that her husband was the owner of Romeo’s Pizza and that they met at a pizza expo in Las Vegas.  How freaking cool is that?!

At our Engaged Couples conference for marriage, we ended up befriending a really cool couple because we just spoke up and started talking.  We’ve had dinner since then, and I think they’re a couple that we could end up being really great friends with.

But I don’t see kids a mere 5 years younger than me just talking to people.  I was born in 1985, and I know that’s only five years away from being born in the 90’s, but holy crap!  Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with a phone next to my ear from a young age.  Maybe it’s because I played in the dirt and had to make my own friends without Facebook.  I don’t know…but holy geez.

It really makes me sad.

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How Helicopter Parents Deal with (Their Kids’) Break-Ups

By acting like complete assholes.

Picture this:

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