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A Win

Header-01And just when you think you aren’t going to get a win…

I recently rewrote a friend‘s story for him.  I took his facts, and rewrote it the way I would have if I were trying to get it published.

This was obviously weird for him.  I took a story from his childhood, 9 years before I even knew he existed, and wrote it from his perspective…in my voice.  It’s a jumbly strange thing.

This friend told me it was strange.  Told me it was weird to read his facts in another’s voice.  But today, he said he figured it out, and sent me this:

“Nope. Your voice drips with nostalgia. Everything sounds coated in the golden light of the summer sun. It makes you think that it’s your own story. It makes you want to be there.”

Thanks for the win, Chris. 🙂



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Ever have one of those days?


This has been my day–every day–for the past month.

It’s not due to lack of trying.

It’s probably a product of undue stress.

And mostly, it’s not something you can beat.


Remember when we had “happy,” Eeyore?  I wish I could share your sentiment:

(Photos all courtesy of Buzzfeed)


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