The Weekends

16 Sep

Header-01I am starting to forget what it was like to have weekends.

I mean, sure, Saturdays and Sundays still roll around at the end of the week, but the weekends are not mine–and truthfully, they haven’t been in months.

As this wedding approaches (40 days away!), the weekends get busier and more hectic.  For instance, here’s a rough sketch of any given weekend.

  1. Wake up at 6am so that I actually have time to work out.
  2. Eat Breakfast
  3. Shower
  4. Wake Mike
  5. Get in the car so that we can go do something wedding-related.  This could be anywhere between Toledo, Ohio to Pittsburgh, PA.  The good thing is that this means we are seeing our families a lot.
  6. Come home.
  7. Stress that I don’t have time to clean my freaking house.
  8. Go to work Monday through Friday.
  9. Start the vicious weekend cycle again.

In other words, there is no rest.  This weekend, however, was actually kind of restful amid the chaos.  On Friday after work, I came home and put on my pajamas.  We spent the rest of the night in front of the TV watching The League.

Saturday was chaos.  Up early to work out, etc. (see above list).

At 10:30, Mom and Dad showed up for breakfast.

12:00, Mom and I got our hair done.

2:30, got back to Brunswick and started talking wedding crap.

3:00, went to Hollo’s for program paper.

4:00, saw that Dad was hooked on a movie.

5:00, started with appetizers for party that night.

5:30, Mom and Dad left.

7:00, my brother Jason and his friend Marc finally rolled in.

7:30, went to our join bachelor/bachelorette party with work friends!!!!

2:30am on Sunday, I drove everyone’s drunk asses home (PS, I was sober!  Yet I still managed to put my foot through a screen door and shoot my brother with a paintball gun).

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

The rest of Sunday was for cleaning Matt’s house, rescreening his door (exhibit A), and cleaning my own house.  Oh, and napping.


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