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Important Manly Stances


Last night, I was watching Mike start a fire in our fireplace.  After he’d tinkered for awhile and put together the perfect puzzle of logs to promote burning, he lit it and stood up.

He stepped back from the fire, crossed his arms over his chest, and squinted his eyes, assessing his fire.  He moved around a few times to get a new angle on the fire, then opened the doors and tinkered with it a little more.

When he stood again, he crossed his arms, widened his stance, and just stared.


That’s when it hit me.  When men think that they’re doing something important (or if they actually are doing something important, too, I suppose), they find it necessary to cross their arms.  But why?

Then it occurred to me that the crossing of the arms is a man’s go-to stance.  They use it CONSTANTLY.  See?

Businessmen cross their arms to seem powerful.

Models do it to make their biceps look bigger.

Security guards do it to appear like more of a road block.

Celebs do it to promote super tough movies.

Dads do it to show disapproval.

It doesn’t stop there, either.  Men cross their arms if they’re not interested.  They cross their arms if they ARE interested.  They cross their arms when they’re upset, or when they’re exceptionally proud of themselves.

I never realized how important this gesture is to them.  I think now I might have to start categorizing and snapping pictures of all the times I see men crossing their arms.  This could be something, my friends.

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