Stuff That Pisses Me Off on Facebook/All Other Social Media

09 May


I’ve been considering getting off of all of the social media networks.  The only thing keeping me on is the fact that Mike and I live a ways from both of our parents, and if they want to see pictures of the nuggets, social media is the easiest way to share.

But anymore, I really feel like social media is a time-suck…and a pisser-offer.  I was talking to a friend two nights ago, and we were listing all the crap that people do on social media that piss us off.  I’ve “unfollowed” or “removed so-and-so from my feed” I don’t know how many times because of these things. Here’s the list we came up with:

•  Endless selfies.  We know what you look like.  Quit fucking posting it.

•  Awkward poses.  Sure, you may look thinner if you stand at a 45 degree angle and push your shoulders back, but you also look like an idiot.

•  Hashtags.  Mostly, these just piss us off.  Especially the workflow one. WTF is workflow?  And what does it have to do with your outfit?

•  Revenge posts.  If you don’t like someone, get over it.  No need to broadcast it to the world.

•  Lists of things you’ve done today.  Congratulations, you were super motivated today and accomplished a lot. I’m sorry that you only feel truly accomplished when one of your friends likes your post.  God forbid you just enjoy the fact that you did it yourself and can take pride in that. Nope, you have to verify it online.

•  Exercise posts.  Are you exercising for yourself and your health? Or for the rest of us?  Because we don’t care.

•  Constant complaining.  If you’re having a bad day, get off the internet and go take a nap.  The rest of us don’t need our great days ruined by your complaining.

•  Bitching about consequences that you caused.  “OMG I drank so much last night. I’m miserable!”  Idiot.

•  Sympathy posts.  Aw, you’re sick?  Aw, the only thing that will make you feel better is attention on Facebook?  Unfollow.  Hell, unfriend at this point.

•  Bitching about sports teams.  Do you play the sport?  Do you manage the team?  Then your opinion doesn’t matter.

If I could clear these things from my social media life, I would be much happier.  OH WAIT, I can.  🙂

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