My Final Splurge – I’m Officially Cut Off

25 Aug


…my baby will be here in less than 75 days (God willing).

Know how I know I’m going to be a mom? I felt super guilty for going on one last splurge. SUPER guilty. I currently feel guilty. I’m currently considering canceling the order. I’m currently considering sending it back as soon as it gets here.

Last week, I started trying to sell two Michael Kors bags that I bought at one point in time. I liked the bags a lot. I loved them for awhile. 🙂 But I started to see them everywhere. Then, if you’ll remember, I switched to Frye purses.  I haven’t gone back since.

I pinned a Frye bag to my Pinterest board two weeks ago only to realize that I had pinned the exactly same bag 31 weeks ago.  Which can only mean that I TRULY wanted this bag.

Frye Elaine Satchel in Whiskey

Frye Elaine Satchel in Whiskey

I started campaigning to Mike, my husband, to let me get the bag. He quickly shut me down and told me we had a baby coming and that it was an inordinate amount of money to spend on a damn purse. And he was right.  So I started scheming…how could I get it? 

Simple – sell my other purses that I don’t use anymore. And I did! I sold two Michael Kors purses on Facebook and with the Maine fund that Mike said I could use (a piggy bank full of pennies that Mike and I have been saving to go to Maine…and that we also realize is never actually going to get us to Maine), I got the purse down to a reasonable price and placed the order today!  

And immediately started feeling guilt and regret and like I’m a horrible Mom…which I might be. 

Here’s my sacred vow, blogosphere:  I’m done splurging on myself. This was it.  I promise.

Now onto diapers and pacifiers!

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