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Desert Island Series: Breakfast Food

Here’s the thing:  I keep running into things that I’m not sure I could ever ever ever live without.  Kind of like the desert island hypothetical question.  “If you’re stranded on a desert island, what _______ would you want with you?”  Well, that blank can be a lot of different things.  So I thought I’d do an evaluation on myself.  You know, just to see what I can’t live without.

First, let’s establish some things:

1)  It doesn’t have to be a desert island.  My place of choice would be a field in Montana with slightly rolling hills and huge, gorgeous, snow-covered mountains in the distance.  Yes.  And it’s sunny.

2)  I reserve the right to stray from boundaries a little bit.  After all, it’s not a desert island.  It’s Montana.

3)  The things I cannot live without will be somewhat to the effect of my love for Diet Pepsi, or at least presented in that way.

So I thought I’d hit on one once in awhile here, in Blog Land.

#1:  Breakfast Food

CEREAL!  I freaking love cereal.  I wake up early whenever I spend the night at Mike’s house just so I can enjoy my cereal alone.  There’s something about the crispy bits on top, and the soggy ones on the bottom.  And the way the milk tastes after…

And there are so many varieties!  My God you could never get bored with it!  And it’s not just the taste.  Oh no.  It’s everything.  There are healthy cereals, sugary cereals, fruity, cinnamony, light, fluffy, crispy, crunchy, crumbly, soggy, circular, square, fruit-shaped, and the colors!!!!  Oh the colors!

Topher understands.  Look at his website.
The cereal aisle at the grocery store is still by far my favorite.  I’m still enticed by the toys and prizes inside the boxes.  And if you ask me, coming up with a character to represent a cereal, and then designing the box has got to be one of the funnest jobs around.

So in Montana, it would be an endless supply of variety, endless entertainment (mazes and puzzles on the back of the boxes, toys inside, FUN ALL OVER), and of course, sustenance.

But if we’re going to play this “desert island” style, and you tell me I can only have one type of cereal, then I guess I’m going to narrow it down to either Honey Nut Cheerios or Golden Grahams.  Thank the Lord for whoever decided that honey-infused cereal was a good idea.  Because it really was.

Here’s the kicker.  I am lactose intolerant.  So while I used to suck it up and just use skim milk, I have discovered ALMOND MILK.  It is so good, and it doesn’t make me sick.  It’s a little thick though–so here’s how I normally take my cereal:

Honey Nut Cheerios/Golden Grahams into a bowl-drizzled with imitation honey and powdered with cinnamon-about a quarter cup of almond milk-and doused in water (just for some extra liquid).  BEST BREAKFAST EVER.

Who’s your favorite cereal character?  I love the Honey Nut Cheerio bee…and of course Snap, Crackle, and Pop.  And who doesn’t love Captain Crunch?!

And what food breakfast food can’t you live without?



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Ode to Diet Pepsi

Day ?? → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

Diet Pepsi.

I love it.  More than any other beverage in the world.  More than wine, more than beer, more than water.  I freaking LOVE Diet Pepsi.  If Diet Pepsi did a commercial like the Wheat Thins people, where they show up on your doorstep with a ridiculous amount of Wheat Thins if you tweet that you’ve run out of them…I would tweet every day about it.  If I didn’t think the luxurious caramel color would stain my hair, I would swim in it.  If you froze it into popsicles, I would eat them for dinner.  If you gave me a tiny puppy…I just might name him Diet Pepsi (because he is so small–and is probably calorie-free).

And something so good is calorie-free!  I don’t care about fake sweeteners and “bad for you” Phenylketonurics containing phenylalanine.  I just don’t care!  I will guzzle Diet Pepsi all day every day.  Guzzle it.  And I don’t feel bad about that.

When I was in college, my roommate, Kay and I decided we were going to drink an entire cube (24 cans-12 oz. cans) of Diet Pepsi in one night.  We did.  And we were wound up and in and out of the bathroom every fifteen minutes–but my God who needs binge drinking when it comes to beer when you have DIET PEPSI?!

And I have tried to go without it.  I am not afraid to say that I was a bitch.  There is just nothing like a Diet Pepsi in the morning with my cereal.  Something to combat the baseness of milk.  Something fizzy and exciting and acidic.

When I get done running, I grab a Diet Pepsi.

When I wake up in the morning, I grab a Diet Pepsi.

When I take Tylenol, I down it with Diet Pepsi.

When I go on a road trip, I take Diet Pepsi.

I just don’t know how else to express how much I love this stuff.  I’ll drink it warm, flat, in a can, out of a bottle, in a glass.  OH!  Don’t even get me going on fountain Diet Pepsi.  I’m a restaurant’s worst nightmare.  10 refills later, I will use their facilities, and ask for another.

What can’t you live without?


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Guilt-Free 3

Day # Whatever:  Who is in your Guilt-Free 3?

I first heard about this concept from John and Hank Green, the VlogBrothers on Youtube.   Watch this before you go any further…

Besides the facts that Helen Hunt is amazing, Hank did an entire song avoiding the C-word that rhymes with Hunt, and the song gets stuck in my head for days, there is an incredible concept brought to the table.

The Guilt-Free 3

First off, what the hell is it?  The Guilt-Free 3 is a group of three celebrities (in any realm) that you may have a purely physical encounter with and your significant other must forgive you.

I’ll tell you, first, who is in my Guilt-Free 3, and then explain the intricate details of how the situation works (it will be rated PG, you sickos.)

Currently, my Guilt-Free 3 includes:

Josh Holloway–more commonly known as Sawyer from LOST.

Geoff Stults–October Road and the short-lived Happy Town.

Travis Fimmel–CK model…and in a WB show called Tarzan for a minute.

I do not feel the need to explain my attraction to these men.  But today, these are my Guilt-Free 3.

Now for the example:  If I happen to run into Josh Holloway, whether it be on an island, or his car happens to break down in front of my apartment, and his cell phone is dead, and I just happen to be walking by, I am entitled to do whatever I want with him…as long as I don’t get emotionally involved.  The beauty of the Guilt-Free 3 is that there is no guilt.  So you can have a primal encounter with these men, and not feel bad about it.

And Mike would have to forgive me.


So I ask you now.  Who is in your Guilt-Free 3?



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