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Some Hopes, for 2013 and Beyond



I’m a little late.  So sue me.  I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions because I never follow through.  That doesn’t mean I don’t hope for things though.  I hope a lot.

I hope to be more understanding about the way people live their lives.

I hope to make a wonderful wife to Mike.

I hope to learn to cook…at least one dish.

I hope that Parenthood never goes away, because I can’t fathom another October Road.  I cannot go through it again…not knowing what happened to Nick and Hannah, or whether Nick or Eddie is Sam’s father.  I can’t!

I hope to read more…  What’s reasonable?  10 books this year?

I hope that reading more makes me want to write more.  

I hope that I can keep up this running and crunching thing. Because I’m kinda starting to like the way I look.

I hope I love my wedding dress even more when it gets here.  Who knew it took 6-8 months?  I’m dying to see her again!

I hope Mike to go somewhere exciting for our March anniversary.

I hope we get to go somewhere even more exciting for our honeymoon.

I hope we start the processing of buying a house.  We went to an open house and it truly ignited a fire in me to have a space of my own.  I love our townhouse, but to have a home…and to quit wasting money on rent.

I hope we can save a ton of money this year.

I hope the jeweler we’re working with sends me designs of my wedding band soon.

I hope our engagement session is beautiful.

I hope I’m pregnant when 2014 starts.

I hope all my knocked up friends have wonderful pregnancies and deliveries and that their nuggets are all healthy and happy.  

I hope to find ways to show Mom & Dad how much I appreciate all they do for me.

I hope my Grandma keeps her chin up and keeps moving.  

I hope the economy settles back into 1990s mode.

I hope that our country heads in the right direction.

I hope I talk to God in a more focused sense…rather than randomly throughout the day.

I hope I learn to like tea over coffee.

I hope I can quit eating marshmallows the way I do.  No lie, I have 4-5 bags stashed around my house.  And I just killed the Peeps.

I hope I can find tons of cute skirts for cheap.

I hope that camping becomes a common activity this summer.

I hope that Mike will take me fishing…a lot.

I hope none of my pre-determined baby names become popular.

I hope I begin to feel like an adult.

I hope I never lose the “kid” in me.

I hope that all the girls I went to college with can make peace.  I hope they realize that we only get one group of college friends and that we’re being idiots not seeing each other more often.

I hope I find an identity I can be proud of.

I hope I can find the “country” I seem to have misplaced.  

I hope I go to more concerts.

I hope that country music turns around for the better.

I hope to find one crafty bone in my body.


I hope for one of the best years of my life, in 2013 and beyond.


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