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Hickeys: How Old Is Too Old to Sport Them?

Ha ha.  Hickies.  It’s just a funny word.  But really, how old is too old to have a hickey?

Well, I think we have to narrow things down.

How old is too old to have a VISIBLE hickey?  Visible hickeys are the only ones we’re dealing with here.  Hidden ones, well, good job.
How old is too old to have INTENTIONAL hickies?  Stop getting/giving intentional hickeys after high school.  Unintentional are forgivable based on specific circumstances.
How old is too old to have a hickey in general?  Can you really place an age on neck sucking?

Here’s the thing:  in high school, I saw probably 20 hickeys a day in passing.  Heck, some of those might have even been on me.

Here’s a hickey timeline:

In high school:  hickeys were badges of honor.  Let it be known that you made out with someone.

In college:  I equate a hickey in college to the Walk of Shame.  You got down, but you were a little less proud.

In grad school/after college:  Well, in grad school is a little more forgivable.  I mean you’re still in school, poor, and looking for cheap entertainment.  Still, try to keep it up under wraps.  After college though, and if you’ve got a job, then just DON’T!

Leave the hickeys to high schoolers and shameful college kids, folks.  Or just buy an array of colorful scarves and claim that you’ve “always worn them” or that it’s your “new thing.”  😉

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The Proper Drinking Age – According to Me

Another Matt-themed question for the week.  This one is actually something I feel pretty strongly about.

What is the proper age to begin drinking?

Well, I say 16.  Now hear me out.  At 16 years old, kids start to think that they’re adults.  They start to think that because they can drive, that they can do other adult things–like drink alcohol.

I think they’re right, with some very necessary stipulations:

  1. The first time kids drink, and really until college, I think kids should drink in the presence of their parents or trusted adults.  The purpose of this is to learn their limits, particularly before they go to college and lack supervision.  For instance, I knew that three beers made me silly when I was 16 because I’d drink them at family gatherings.  I knew that I could handle about 2 mixed drinks, and I hated wine.  I learned what it felt like to be tipsy, and what it felt like to be drunk, and because of this, I knew when to stop at college.
  2. If parents let kids drink, it immediately takes the excitement away from underage drinking.  Part of what is so alluring about it is the fact that you’re not supposed to do it.  And when your parents give you the go ahead, it loses some of its luster, thus creating less situations where “being a badass” leads to “blacked out and pregnant.”
  3. We should let kids drink and learn their limits early on, too, because guess what, they’re going to do it one way or another.
  4. And if we start them at 16, they’ll have approximately two years to try every type of alcohol they can (in front of their parents) and to learn how they respond to all of it.  It’s a learning experience.

Alcohol can make anyone dumb, but often that idiocy is brought on by lack of experience and an ignorance of limits.  Let kids learn before they head out into the world alone.


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