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My Current Guilt-Free Three – January 2014

Header-01Let’s be honest–I change my Guilt-Free Three (prepare for exploding ovaries–Chris Hemsworth is in that post) more than I change my underwear (insert Chris Hemsworth joke here).

See?  I dig folk singers.

Yeah.  And handymen.

And this one.  Generally, just men from Jersey make me weak at the knees.

What?  Friday Night Lights?

And just a general Guilt-Free Three?

So who’s in the Guilt-Free Three on January 13, 2014?  Here you go:

Chris Messina, please stop being so farking adorable.  Your smiles are worth millions of bitcoins.

Danny Castellano

Anderson Davis aka “Zesty Guy” – You make me want to play with fire.  And to learn to cook.  And look at all these pictures for at least 20 hours a day.

Chris Hemsworth, I can’t quit you.

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