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Is It Memorial Day Weekend Yet?

Because I’m going camping.  CAMPING!  And I get to see the biatches from college. 🙂

Rachel, Me, Kay, Barbs, plus Shell and Aims!

I’m so excited.  We’re going to a cabin (and bringing tents) and we’re going to just have fun.  I’m incredibly excited.  So Memorial Day, hurry the crap up.  I need to climb some trees.


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If You’re Going to Ashland University In the Fall…

When I was at Ashland, I spent a lot of time fretting about making the perfect grades and steering clear of trouble.  And then I got caught by Safety Services for being in a boy’s room with my friend Kay after 2:00 am (which is the curfew for being in rooms owned by members of the opposite sex) with a few cans of Natty Lite (on a dry campus).  Then I calmed down a little bit about following all of the rules, but I made sure I still tried as hard as I could for the best grades.  But if I could go back, I might do things a little differently, and there are certainly things that potential Ashland University students should make sure that they do.

So, AU students, make sure that you do the following things before you graduate:

  1. At least once a month, go into Convo for breakfast, and don’t leave until after dinner.  Think of it as a 12-hour social experiment.
  2. Skip class once in awhile.  It won’t kill you.
  3. When it snows, “borrow” a Convo tray and go sliding down the bridge.
  4. Climb to the top of Redwood (between Clayton and Redwood, there is a means of climbing).
  5. Climb the trees on the Quad.
  6. Go find the Beer Stone in the Ashland Cemetery.
  7. Find the Sublime Stone there, as well.
  8. Smoke cigarettes outside of A&H.
  9. Go to house parties – but beware of cops.
  10. BDubs isn’t the only bar–Linder’s is kind of fun.  But O’Bryan’s is where it’s at (you can still walk there).
  11. Creative Writing students, spike your coffee.  They expect it.
  12. Take naps.  As often as you can.  Naps in the real world do not exist.
  13. DO NOT tan on the quad in a bathing suit.  It’s trashy.  (sorry if I offend you, but blah)
  14. Attend the events you think will be stupid.  Stupidity often brings fun.
  16. Build a fort in your dorm room.
  17. Hide your alcohol in case you get locked out, and they have to unlock your dorm and see 3 bottles of Jager on your desk.
  18. Contact paper your dressers and keep a tally of how many drinks you have each school year.
  19. Rearrange your room once in awhile.  Makes for much more fun.
  20. Catch your RA doing something wrong, then leverage it against her.
  21. Go downtown to Crazy Ray’s, just for the experience.
  22. Get piercings and tattoos at Main Street Tattoo.
  23. Remember that Wal-Mart is an acceptable form of entertainment.
  24. Mentos & Diet Coke–do it.
  25. Learn to climb out of windows in Fraternity Circle.
  26. Watch the bricks and metal stairs when it ices up.
  27. Look at the awesome pictures in the Student Center.
  28. Same for Convo.
  29. See if you can balance all the wooden borders on the Quad.
  30. Ride the creepy elevator in A&H.
  31. Beki – Put some awesome graffiti in that creepy A&H elevator. Stop it between floors so you don’t get caught; let the paint fumes inspire you.
  32. Sneak onto the stage in A&H.
  33. Sneak down to the bandroom in A&H.
  34. Make out in a teacher’s office hallway just to say you did.
  35. Host a radio show, and come up with a stupid handle.
  36. Bounce off of the padded walls in the radio station.
  37. Go barefoot.
  38. Shelley – Throw a bouncy ball down the hall and see how many doors u hit! Hide when someone opens the door to see what’s going on.
  39. Shelley – bake cookies for the floor :)
  40. Sarah – Do not pee in the Amstutz elevators. Ew.
  41. Sarah – Pick a few tulips.
  42. Sarah – Hang out in the writing center (creative writing majors especially)
  43. Sarah – Write a column for the collegian even though probably no one is reading you.
  44. Sarah – Get a pet – especially one that is tricky to hide (cat, hamster, gerbil, etc. – hamsters in exercise balls are especially entertaining)
  45. Zach – the bottom drawers of our dressers came out to make a good hiding spot for all kinds of booze. then put the drawer back in… voila ‘what booze?’
  46. Gina – Write your name and years there in the back of your closet. It’s kind of cool to leave a record of yourslef and see who has come before you.
  47. Gina – Jump in the fountain!
  48. Gina – Decorate a tree on the quad for Christmas, a la Charlie Brown.
  49. Gina – Visit Grandpa’s Cheesebarn. It falls under the cheesy category, haha, but is an Ashland tradition.
  50. Gina – Take a picture next to the Ashland: World Headaquarters of Nice People sign (I still want this!)
  51. Barbs – Do tear all of the pages out of a text book and trash a friends room during finals.
  52. Barbs – Do go to Dennys for coffee and desert after midnight.
  53. Barbs – Do jump in the fountain and run when safety comes out.
  54. Barbs – Do talk to weird people in jean jackets…you may find a friend.
  55. Dave – Paint a mural on your dorm room wall! (of a red sports car crashing into an Amish Buggy?)
  56. Aimee – Do create a book-throwing Olympics during finals week.
  57. Aimee – Do take a picture on the giant Ashland sign outside the student center.
  58. Aimee – When you go to Dennys after midnight, make sure it has also been after some fun…..
  59. Aimee – Do sneak a picture of the Cat Man.
  60. Chris – Do go to the late night breakfast during finals week.
  61. Get hit by a car in a crosswalk, and your tuition is paid for.  That’s worth a broken leg to me.

I miss Ashland.  A great deal.  Have fun.  And prior AU students, please feel free to add to the list!

Happy Tuesday!

Jump in the fountain!


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Ashland, I think.

I went to Ashland yesterday morning to visit with some friends I went to college with.  Sounds like a fun time, right?

I got there early, stopped at the Goasis just to stop there, and I was thrilled, excited, home, when in the process of walking in and out, four men opened the door and stepped out of the way.  One man even was halfway through the door, and stepped back out again.  And crawling all over Goasis, farmers, men in Wranglers with torn sleeves and long, lean farm muscles.  There were more pick-up trucks than Mercedes, and right away, I saw a Yoder Furniture truck.  There were three Amish horses and buggies just off I-71, the smell of manure and cut grass in the air, and excitement all around us.  The freshmen were there for their first weekend.

There are so many places I used to go in Ashland, and as I drove down Main Street where the bars were too far to walk.  Center Street, where all the houses are beautiful, hidden by bushes, set far back from the road.  I looked for the poor homeless man who used to live in a gazebo by the movie theater, and for my old coffee house, which had been turned into a party supply store.

I went to see friends, though.  One moved to Indianapolis after college, one to Canton, Ohio, and one remained in Ashland.  I, of course, have been bouncing between North Carolina and Franklin, Pennsylvania.  So we met up, drank some beers on the Ashland friend’s porch, hung out with her husband and her tenant.  And it was peaceful, but it felt so adult.

We ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, the closest bar to campus, the one we stumbled home from on countless star-filled nights with our ears ringing from karaoke and our throats sore from cigarettes.  And then we wandered campus.

Our dorm was called Myers, and it used to be all girls.  Now two floors are boys, and everything is different.  The picnic table where I smoked cigarettes with a long-haired boy in college is now a babbling brook.  The diamond-plated stairs that I used to slide down in the snow are now concrete and safe.  The umbrella trees where we used to hide are now open mulch.  But my tree on the Quad is there.  It’s still strong and standing.

But it’s not the same.  I cannot expect it to stay the same, although it wouldn’t hurt if it did.  I learned so much about who I was at Ashland because of the places I went, frequented, lived.  I’m not sure that matters as much now, though, as I am a completely different person.  I know this only because my friends and I were not connecting…or maybe we were, the way we used to.  But I felt like a cool Autumn breeze, blowing through the Summer of my life, where my friends still live.  Am I jaded to already be the one in the Autumn of my life?

Ashland at Night

In front of the fountain. Me, Rachel, Kay, Barbs.

Me, in a tree I used to climb.

Rachel came, too.

In front of our old dorm.

Old roomies.

Just a few pictures from the weekend.

And now, some of Mike and me, for good measure.


Before the wedding.

If I'm lucky, he'll keep me.


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