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Desperate Attempt to Return to My Adolescence

I am ashamed to admit this…  But apparently not ashamed enough to tell you.

Last night, in a desperate attempt to return to my adolescence, I got on the internet and searched “Backstreet Boys Fanfiction”.  You see, in junior high, I was the textbook example of a teenybopper.  There was no “Team Edward” “Team Jacob” bullshit.  You were either a Backstreet Boys fan, or an N*Sync fan.

I was full-on BSB.  My friend Caitlin and I ate, drank, and slept BSB.  We went to concerts, recorded TV appearances, watched TRL on the phone together.  We stole a banner (I need to find that in my parents’ basement) and even went so far as to chase their tour bus on foot…  I’m not proud of that.

But we had a notebook that we passed back and forth in the hallways of our junior high.  This notebook was filled with (obviously) fictional stories about Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, and Caitlin and me.  They were all fairly innocent, consistently ending on a yacht in Florida during my marriage to Nick and Caitie’s marriage to Brian.

Then I started turning to the interwebs to see what else people were writing about the Backstreet Boys–and my mind was blown.  People wrote DIRTY stories about the BSB.  And on top of that (haha) people wrote slash fanfiction about them (slash = guy on guy in the fanfic world)!  I was appalled.  That’s not to say that I didn’t read some of the dirty BSB stories.  I credit much of my sexual education to online fanfiction.

Obviously, the BSB fell off the map, and I grew up and just started buying Harlequin romance novels.  But last night, I wanted to read about the good ole Backstreet Boys.  And to my HUGE disappointment…there is hardly any fanfiction left about them!

It’s probably been about 12 years since I last searched it.  Crazy how the internet changes.  And crazy how things you never thought would disappear…do.

PS, you can laugh at me.  I did.


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Happy Birthday, Nick Carter.

Happy 31st Birthday, Nick Carter. In an odd, semi-conscious sleep, I dreamt about you last night.  You know I’ve always been a sucker for that squeaky pre-pubescent voice of yours.  Don’t worry, even though I have Bieber-Fever, you’ll always be my #1.

I want you to know that I have been celebrating your birthdays since 1998.  On more than one occasion, I sat at a table with my friend Caitlin (Frick), who was kind enough to buy ME (Frack-true BSB fans will get this) a cake for YOUR birthday.  It was usually blue and white.  Because you love blue.  And because you love the ocean.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

And I went to your concerts.  I swooned every time you hit a high note.  I lost it when you started dating.  My eyes always went to you in music videos, and I thought, “He’d be a good boyfriend.”

All through junior high (and embarrassingly enough, into high school) I wrote you into some stories.  Did you know that we were going to have a double wedding off the coast of Florida with Brian and my friend Caitie?  I figured you didn’t.

There were a few times that my mother walked into my bedroom when I was a teenager and saw me lying across my bed, my head hanging upside-down, listening to Millennium over and over and over again.  She asked me if I was okay.  Then walked away, shut the door, and I’m sure stood outside it for awhile to make sure I wasn’t sobbing over you.

When you appeared with your pants around your ankles on Rolling Stone, I bought five copies.

At the second BSB concert Caitie and I came to see you and Brian at, we got lost in the arena trying to find our way out.  It panned out, though, because we cut down a 12 foot poster of you and your band mates, rolled it up, and continued the search for the door.  “Hey,” we heard a lady say behind us.  “I’ll give you $20 for that.”

“Hell no,” I said.

“50,” she said, reaching for her purse.

“Absolutely not.  This is ours.”  Caitie and I stood with our hands on our hips, facing this woman and her daughter.


“No thank you,” we said, and walked away.

I gave up $100 for you, Nick Carter.

Actually…with all the posters, CDs, books, magazines, t-shirts, concerts, and McDonald’s BSB action figures…I probably spent close to $6,000.00 on you.

I’m okay with it.  You kept me in love and entertained for probably four years.  So thank you for that.  And then I saw you on House of Carter and realized how bad it had gotten.

While I’m not sure I would date you anymore, I still like when you sing.  So Happy Birthday to you, Nick.  And if you want to come visit Ohio, you’re more than welcome.

If AJ gets out of rehab, I’ll even buy a ticket to your tour with NKOTB…


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