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I Dream of Bieber


Alright dream interpreters, I need you again.  Carmen?  Where are you?

I fell asleep last night.  In the middle of the night, I dreamt of Bieber.


It was not a dirty dream.  Rather, it was a dream that just felt weird.  I met Bieber, but it wasn’t like I was 20 years older than him (like I feel now).  Bieber and I flirted for a hot minute.  Then all of the sudden I was in his backyard watching the Cleveland Indians play baseball.  Up close. 🙂

And then I was holding a baby.  Cutest baby in the world.  And she was mine!  A fuzzy little purple onesie and a cute little nose nuzzled in my neck, and she fell asleep on me.  And then there was a little baby boy, and darnit was he cute, too.

It was a very calming and happy feeling…as long as the babies didn’t belong to Bieber.  Although…then I wouldn’t have to worry about starting college funds.


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“That’s all you’re buying?”

Last night, I ran to Kmart at 9:11 pm to buy one of the following items, all of which are unacceptable/embarrassing/promote odd looks when they are the only item you are purchasing.

*I know some of these from experience, and some from watching others buy them.

Single Items That Are Awkward to Purchase

A plunger




Chocolate syrup

Pregnancy test (unless you were TRYING to get pregnant 😉 )

Medicine for athlete “itch”

A teeny bopper magazine (with Bieber on it) as a 25-year-old woman

…I’m stopping this before it goes too far.

Basically, the embarrassing things to buy are digestive, medical, or sexual.  And buying them as single items (and in some cases, pairs) can certainly raise a few eyebrows.

And I’ll tell you that I bought a plunger last night.  And I made a joke about to the cashier, who was surrounded by a bunch of other workers because no one goes to Kmart anymore.

I was trying to think of things that I’m too embarrassed to by as single items, but the truth is, that there just aren’t any.  I used to get so embarrassed buying Backstreet Boy posters and magazines.  And I made my mother buy tampons until I was in college.  But anymore, there just isn’t anything that I wouldn’t step up and buy solo.

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten cheap, and that I don’t want to spend more than I have to just to provide “check-out camouflage” (thanks Woody!).

What wouldn’t you buy as a single item?  Or maybe what wouldn’t you buy as a single item in the past?


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