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Greener Grass from the Window of a One-Bedroom Apartment?

Last night, I went out to Panini’s in Brunswick to celebrate my friend Greg‘s birthday.  As we were sitting around the fire pit on the patio, I got into a conversation about how I wanted out of my apartment and into…and how some of the guys around me wanted out of their houses and back into apartments.

Let’s get the facts down first:  I hate living in apartments.  I hate the people around me.  I hate the noise.  I hate shared walls. I hate having to unlock two doors to get to my place (even though that makes me feel safe).  My first apartment in Brunswick was pretty much underground…full of spiders…dark…damp.  I felt like a mushroom.

My second apartment is bigger–still on the first floor–but nonetheless, it is still an apartment.  It’s a two-bedroom, but I can honestly count the times I’ve opened the door to that second bedroom on one hand.

Now back to the bar conversation–the guys have houses-nice big houses-that I would kill for.  They have driveways and garages and yards.  They have a home–a reason to decorate and actually make it feel like a home.

Now me–I don’t have a yard.  I can’t even hang a bird-feeder for the cardinals.  I don’t have a balcony (1st floor), and I can’t open my windows because the fucking (white trash) smokers at the front door (who have awesome grammar and language skills, by the way) stand there and bitch and blow smoke into my windows.  I don’t normally judge–but seriously.  I am alone in my apartment.  I have all the time and space to myself.  And I hate it.

Now, the guys I was talking to–the ones with their nice houses and their yards–sometimes long to be back in the one-bedroom apartment stage of their lives.  WHY?!

Simplicity–yes, I understand that.  And that’s pretty much it.  I mean, I don’t get it.

But maybe it’s a gender roles thing.  Maybe men want to go back to that primitive way, and women want to move forward?  Maybe…  Or maybe it’s because I am alone and long for Mike to be with me in my living arrangement, and once you’re older and have been with someone for awhile, you want to go back to solitude.  I don’t know. I don’t get it.

All I know is that I can’t be bothered to decorate my apartment to make it feel like home because it isn’t home.  It’s a temporary place that will hold me until I can find a place with Mike to call home.

Maybe the grass is just never greener out of your current window.


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Memorial Day Weekend – What’s Missing From My Brunswick Life

Memorial Day Weekend makes you remember what you love the most.  Decidedly, it was one of the best Memorial Day Weekends I’ve had in a really darn long time.

From a Friday night date night with Mike to a Saturday at the Depot, and then to a Sunday full of threatening weather, and a pontoon boat ride out to Jimmy Bukkett’s, it was all I could have wanted.

Here’s why:

  1. The Depot – My bar.  MY.  They know me.  I know them.  They know what I drink.  That’s what a hometown bar should be.
  2. Family – My cousins and I lay by the pool all weekend long, and complained about the storms, and how we just weren’t getting the tan we wanted.
  3. Storms – I love the tizzy that my mother (and the rest of my family) goes into when severe weather threatens…
  4. Boat Rides – …and the way I get on a pontoon boat with Mike and some amazing new friends to go out and drink at Jimmy Bukkett’s–a true oasis on the Sandusky River.
  5. New Friends – Like I said.  New friends.  New engagements.  New lives beginning (congrats Mike and Malinda!)
  6. Old Friends – They’re the ones you miss even when you didn’t realize you missed ’em.

Come Monday, I got a pretty wicked burn.  I would post pictures, but in order for you to see the extent of said burn, I’d have to show you tan lines, and as much as I love you bloggities, I don’t want to show you those parts of my body.



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New Home

Red maple leaves drift like cardinals to the concrete.  The wind swirls into visibility.  Beams of sunlight angle into the windows as though from a cracked kaleidoscope.

It is Autumn in Ohio, and I am standing on the crackling leaves of my first September without school.  So many things have happened.  So many emotions.

Let’s start at the beginning.  I got a job, a wonderful job, with Foundation Software.  I’m the new Marketing Writer and I love everything that is happening with it.  I started today, and while it was a lot of information all at once, it was incredible.  There is so much to learn and so many opportunities.  And the truth is that I am thrilled to have a job that allows me to write for a living.

Brunswick, Ohio is where I live now.  I love Ohio, and it feels good to be back.  I’ve always felt at home here, and I thought that was something that would never change.  But the truth is that it has a little bit.  My home is no longer a place.  It’s a state of mind, a state of place, a state of company.  The only thing that makes me feel like I am where I belong is being next to Mike.  I miss Franklin because I miss Mike.  And it’s absolutely no fun lying down at night alone.  But there are the weekends.  We’ll always have the weekends.  He says he won’t read my blog, but if he does, I hope he knows that I am completely devoted to him.

So I rented a one bedroom apartment, filled it with all of my things, and even though I write from a papasan cushion on the floor, I feel like I might be okay.  It’s certainly scary.  There is no one there to kill spiders, and nowhere for my bird feeder.  I don’t know anyone in town.  There is no Mike to curl up on.  But this all feels good.  The job feels good.  I feel confident.  I don’t feel like I wasted seven years of my life in school, and I am slowly, but surely, understanding what it is to be an adult.

Stuff is expensive.  Bills suck.  But you know what?  It’s rewarding.

Pictures when I get settled.


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