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Is It Memorial Day Weekend Yet?

Because I’m going camping.  CAMPING!  And I get to see the biatches from college. 🙂

Rachel, Me, Kay, Barbs, plus Shell and Aims!

I’m so excited.  We’re going to a cabin (and bringing tents) and we’re going to just have fun.  I’m incredibly excited.  So Memorial Day, hurry the crap up.  I need to climb some trees.


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When the Hell Did I Get So Boring and Twitchy?

I was talking with my friend Chris today and we both agree that our late 20’s are kind of shitty.  I can’t get in the same town as Mike and Chris is looking to catch a break in more than a few ways.

And I’m so damn worried about the future that quite frankly, I’ve turned into a royal curmudgeon.  So much so, in fact, that my left eye has not stopped twitching for weeks.  TWITCHY CURMUDGEON!

I rarely go out during the week with my coworkers…and if I do, I’m usually pretty lame.  You can ask them.  They will tell you the same.

I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday.  I got cranky about my oil change.  I pouted about living alone when I had to kill a spider.  I get pissy because I can’t decorate my apartment (if I can’t paint, then why even bother?).  Then I get pissier because I don’t want to live in an apartment and I want a backyard.

It never ends.  I’m boring.  I’ve lost my excitement about “right now” because I’m so worried about the future.  I’m going to try to change that…

If you catch me being a curmudgeon, smack me and tell me to snap out of it.


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Welp, I’m 27.

Yesterday was my 27th birthday.  It is what it is, I suppose.

I hung out with friends on Friday night.  I went to my parents’ house on Saturday and drank wine with Mike and my brother.  We drove around Port Clinton for awhile, grabbed a surprise for my good friends Scott and Michelle down in North Carolina, and lay low.

On Sunday, my parents took us out to eat and then we were back in Brunswick.  On Monday, I got hibachi and sushi at Shinto with my coworkers. 🙂

The highlight:  Mike bought me a tent…which I promptly set up in my living room! I can officially go tent camping!

Thanks to everyone for making it a great birthday. 🙂


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Pitching a Tent

I need to go camping.  It’s no longer a want.  It’s a need.

Not quite Ohio...but you know.

I don’t know when it started, but it’s only grown.  I want to go tent camping, to drink whiskey, to sleep under the stars, to roast marshmallows, and pluck a banjo (shut it).

Time out.  Why are you all so opposed to me getting a banjo?  I’m re-polling:

Anyway.  I want to camp, and I think it’d be a great summer activity.  Plus, it’s easy to bring your friends or just go by yourself (or with Mike, of course, because raccoons scare me).  We could hike around all day or just get drunk by a fire.  And I truly can’t think of a better way to go to sleep than crawling into a tent with a lover (or your friends) and cozying up in the fresh air.


So I’m putting together a Camping Pinterest Board so that I can start pinning all of the things that I need/want for my camping desire.  Feel free to buy them for me.  I’ll give you my shipping address.

More importantly, if you’d like to go camping this summer, PLEASE let me know.  It’d be so much fun.  Maybe I’ll even have a big camping party for my birthday in April.  Thoughts?

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Picking a New Something

Alright, so as if Jesus heard my cry for something new, I got something to do last night.  While I may not write for fun anymore, I do have some side work now editing/writing/proofing.  I may also have a new gig managing an someone’s effort to make healthcare knowledge more readily available.

So I have stuff to do now, and while that may not become my “hobby”, it does help.

I did think of a fun fact about me:  My nickname is Hooty and I collect owls.  Lots of them.

But I do have new interests, so here’s the plan, Stan:

  • I will camp a lot this summer…so I guess I ought to buy a tent and some of those marshmallow sticks.
  • Mike and I are going to start bowling on a regular basis.
  • I am going to get a massive wine rack and fill it to the brim.  In addition, I will start to build a bar.
  • I might start fishing (weather permitting, and permit permitting).
  • And I also want to collect something…but I’m having a hard time deciding what.  I want it to be something that isn’t that easy to find, you know, that will require some digging.  Flea markets, yard sales, etc.  I don’t want it to be impossible either.  Or insanely expensive.

Trust me, if I could have my choice of collection, it would be designer handbags…check out my Pinterest board…but that’s just not feasible.

So I’m taking suggestions as to what to collect.  SEND ‘EM OVER!


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