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PS, it’s OPENING DAY for the Cleveland Indians. ¬†ūüôā

WOOP WOOP! ¬†It’s finally baseball season! ¬†GO TRIBE!!!

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My Super Awesome Amazing Weekend

I had a crazy busy weekend.  But it was so amazing!

Friday: ¬†Went home and saw my parents. ¬†Drank a bottle of wine. ¬†Watched Jackass. ¬†Listened to my brother sing, “Proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood. ¬†We went to bed at 3am (which is really late for me!).

Saturday:¬† We were awoken by the sounds of roofers tearing off our shingles at 8am. ¬†Mike and I went for a long walk around Fremont, then got ready to go to the Cleveland Indians game with my Mom, Dad, brother Jason and his girlfriend Katie. ¬†We got up there and sat at the Thirsty Parrot for awhile before the game. ¬†We realized Taylor Swift was in town, and my mom got really really tipsy once we made her take a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake shot. ¬†ūüôā

The game was awesome. ¬†LaPorta hit a homerun at the end to win it for the Indians! ¬†Then we watched the Rock’N’Blast fireworks show (which is farking amazing, by the way).

I was obviously tipsy, myself.  This is a photo of my cousin Britta and me, and also, Mike and me.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Sunday:  The roofers woke us again.  Mike and I  went to Cedar Point.  It was so so so hot.  I almost passed out in the middle of the line for the Maverick.  We had a lot of fun, though, and rode all the big rides and exhausted ourselves to the point that we got home, jumped in the pool, and pretty much fell asleep.

Monday:¬† We took Monday off, and hung out by my parents’ pool for a little bit. ¬†But then it clouded up, and all of the sudden we had a tornado warning, and the sirens were going off. ¬†The roofers had gone home for a bit to take one of the workers to the hospital (rolled ankle) and the roof had a gaping hole in the top. ¬†Dad and I climbed up there and managed to nail down some plastic before the rain picked up.

We stuck around long enough to see my momma and then we came back to Brunswick.  Rented Cedar Rapids, ate Chinese food, and wound down from the long weekend.

I like those kinda weekends.


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I Dream of Bieber


Alright dream interpreters, I need you again.  Carmen?  Where are you?

I fell asleep last night.  In the middle of the night, I dreamt of Bieber.


It was not a dirty dream.¬† Rather, it was a dream that just felt weird.¬† I met Bieber, but it wasn’t like I was 20 years older than him (like I feel now).¬† Bieber and I flirted for a hot minute.¬† Then all of the sudden I was in his backyard watching the Cleveland Indians play baseball.¬† Up close. ūüôā

And then I was holding a baby.  Cutest baby in the world.  And she was mine!  A fuzzy little purple onesie and a cute little nose nuzzled in my neck, and she fell asleep on me.  And then there was a little baby boy, and darnit was he cute, too.

It was a very calming and happy feeling…as long as the babies didn’t belong to Bieber.¬† Although…then I wouldn’t have to worry about starting college funds.


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Baseball Fever

Of all the sports, I think I like baseball the most.¬† I like that it begins when the world is just starting to warm up, and I like watching it live, under a blazing hot sun in plastic seats with a beer in my hand.¬† And I like watching all levels of it–from little league to the MLB.¬† It just feels right.

It feels American.

I’ve been told that there are only 9 minutes of action in a 9-inning game.¬† But those moments of action are some of the most intense moments I’ve ever experienced.¬† It’s kind of like life–you can sit back and enjoy most of it.¬† There are some hits and some misses, and you deal.¬† There are the super exciting Grand Slam moments, when you fall in love or have a baby, or when you win some big award.¬† And then there are the pinches–the times that make you clench your jaw and get ready to swing because it’s all you can do to fight your way out.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t point out how sexy a man in a baseball uniform is…

Happy Baseball season!  GO TRIBE!

Benny Rodriguez: Man, this is baseball. You gotta stop thinking. Just have fun. I mean, if you were having fun you would’ve caught that ball.


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