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Rover and the other Assholes


I love WMMS, a Cleveland rock station.  I love the music, and I love the Alan Cox Show in the afternoons.  I love Chadley and Erika Lauren and Alan Cox.

But WMMS needs to rethink its morning show–Rover’s Morning Glory.  I can’t EFFING stand them.  Here’s why:

They’re morons.  I’m sure of it, because I can listen to them have a conversation on air, and then I can listen to them fight about how none of them just understood what the others were saying.  If Rover says he likes the color red, then one of the other morons will undoubtedly say, “You don’t like red. You said you didn’t like red!”  And it will turn into a two hour fight that’s almost as fun as watching two one-legged, one-armed squirrels fight for an acorn.  It’s just pathetic and sad.

Second reason:  Duji.  This stupid bitch puts on a Cleveland accent like no one I’ve ever heard before.  Plus, she’s also a moron.  And I if I have to hear about her stupid happy trail and lower back hair one more time, I might literally go down to the station to punch her.  She’s whiny, never has anything intelligent to say, and is probably a pedophile.  It’s no wonder she’s alone.

Apparently Duji and Rover dated in the past, and I have to say that I think they deserve each other.  I feel bad for Duji’s kid.  No kid should have to grow up like that with parents/step-parents who probably end up licking each other’s stubble every night.

But what started this rant?  LOTS–it’s been building.  But this is what tipped me over the edge.

We’ve all heard about the incredible kindness of a NYC police officer who bought a homeless man some boots.

So on Rover this morning, they begin discussing this, and Rover immediately goes into a rant about how it’s staged.  Really?  My big problem is this:  Can we not just appreciate an act of kindness without wondering where it came from?  Without believing there are ulterior motives?  Without judging the one who’s doing the nice thing for someone else?  

Apparently not.  Because Rover wanted to know if this cop had anything better to do than to buy this guy shoes.  No, asshole.  He’s doing the best thing he could have possibly done at that moment in time.

Rover wanted to know why the homeless man is in front of the shoe store already.  He said, “It’s not like the cop had to go out of his way to get these shoes.  He didn’t really do anything.”  Oh really, Rover?  So what if the man was sitting in front of a shoe store.  The cop still went into the store and spent $75 on shoes for him.  And how often have you gone out of your way to buy a homeless person something?

Awful convenient, you say, huh Rover?  You think that the man was sitting there waiting for someone to buy him shoes?  Come on!  Quit being a dick.  And even if he was, he wasn’t asking for it!  Maybe he was hoping, PRAYING for the kindness of a stranger like this cop.

And Rover says, “It has to be staged.  I mean, come on–to have a tourist there ready to take a shot?”  A little fishy if you ask Rover.  Fuck you, Rover.  It’s New York City. There are tourists everywhere, and they all have cameras and they all have smart phones and everyone takes pictures of everything.  Thank God there was someone there to capture it, to restore our faith in humanity.  Get over yourself.

Come on, WMMS.  Get rid of Rover.  You could really do so much better than this League of Extraordinarily Horrible Radio DJs…and Extraordinarily Moronic people.  I can think of about 50 people who would agree with me and help you find a better morning show.

Hey all, feel free to forward this to WMMS.  I’m going to.


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Whatta Weekend! And Happy Birthday, Mike!

It was a good one.  Lemme tell you.

Cleveland can be fun. 🙂

Friday night, I went downtown (Cleveland) for a friend’s bachelorette party.  We saw a comedy show at Hilarities, ate at Pickwick & Frolic, and then hit Flannery’s, the Mexican place (can’t remember the name) and The Corner Alley.  It was a lot of fun!  I had never really “done” East 4th Street before.

So I got to see two girls from college, made some new friends, and got to go out on the town.  The next morning, I drove to Pennsylvania where Mike and I took a 22 mile bike ride down the Allegheny River, rented some movies (3 Ninjas, baby!) and went out to dinner for Mike’s birthday.


Mike’s birthday is TODAY!  Just in case you were wondering.  (I always get a little sad about this because we

can never be together on our birthdays.  My wish for his birthday–and my own–and every other opportunity I have to make a wish is that we can be together every day from now on.)

And on Sunday, we did my favorite thing.  We did the domestic thing.  We washed cars, went to the grocery store, went shopping, cooked dinner, watched television.  It was perfect.  It makes me really think about the trend we started when we started leaving each other for jobs.   We’re meant to be.  Make a wish when you blow out your candles without me, Baby.

Happy Birthday, and I love you!


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It’s Not Hard to Be a Decent Human Being

It’s really not hard to be a decent human being.  Here are some guidelines:

  • Don’t kick puppies.
  • Don’t steal.
  • Don’t kill people.
  • Don’t shake babies.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and what you do.
  • And don’t try to blow up bridges.

MORONS.  Not happy with society?  Fine.  Yell about it on street corners.  Write your local newspaper. Write the POTUS for all I care.  But don’t blow up a fucking bridge.  GAH!  In case you live under a rock, or you don’t have access to the Googles, 5 morons were arrested this morning for buying explosives from an undercover FBI agent and trying to blow up the Route 82 bridge over the Cuyahoga River today in Cleveland.  MORONS.

Here’s another way to be a decent human being–don’t look like a crackhead:

The one on the left gives me the heebiejeebies.


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Big Plans This Weekend! Plus an Anniversary Recap

I probably won’t get to blog tomorrow…because I’m leaving work at noon…to go celebrate my 3-Year Anniversary with Mike!  I’m pretty darn excited about it.

For our first anniversary, I was still living in North Carolina and Mike was in Pennsylvania.  We met in the middle at Pipestem State Park in West Virginia and we had a blast.  We hiked around and stayed in a beautiful lodge, and we truly just enjoyed each other’s company.  We took a too long hike and ended up climbing a vertical hill after a bunch of turkeys to get back. That weekend, my chicken was shaped like a heart, too.  We watched the sun set and stood on our balcony drinking champagne, and Mike gave me the first (and only) ring he’s ever given me.

I had long, brown hair:

Mike showed me how to scurry climb:

Even the food was lovey:

And my ring:

Then for our second year anniversary, we stayed in downtown Cleveland. There are plenty of pictures from that glorious weekend!

For our three year anniversary, we are going to a resort in Maryland.  I know nothing about it–Mike is planning it solo!  So I’m very excited to see what this weekend will bring.  🙂  Maybe a new ring?  WINK WINK!


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The Monday From Heaven/Hell

It’s been one week since I met David Tutera.  I saw him on TV yesterday and yelled embarrassingly loud, “I hugged him!”

That was the “Heaven” part.

But I didn’t tell you about the rest of that day.

People had been lining up for a meet and greet at Pat Catan’s since 10:00 that morning, and I knew that it was going to be a madhouse.  Mike’s 4:00 appointment had cancelled and we thought, “Let’s go take advantage of Cleveland.”

So we decided that we were going to go to the art museum near Case Western.  Once we got up there and paid for parking, we realized it was closed.  Instead, we walked around campus and laughed at all the worried little undergrads rushing about with laptops and exams and both decided that we didn’t miss it at all.

There are Botanical Gardens on campus, so we tried to go there.  Closed.

See where the Hell part is coming in?

Originally, we had wanted to go to the new aquarium, but didn’t want to spend $20 a ticket, but the way the day was going, we thought, “Well, at least we know it’s a sure thing.”


We got there (after a lot of turning around and second guessing) and paid for parking again (I don’t know how these city folks do it).  We got in line to go into the aquarium.  Yeah, a line to get to another line to get to another line to buy tickets and THEN go in.  Mike looked at me and said, “If ever there was a day that the sharks were going to bust through the glass and eat some people, it would be today, and it would be us.”

So we bolted out of there, too.  At this point, we were so disgusted that we’d wasted our day that I just said, “Let’s just go to the West Side Market.”  Neither of us had been there, so at 3:51, we parked (FOR FREE) and walked up to the doors…only to realize that the West Side Market closes at 4:00.

So we had a quick 10 minute jaunt through and then said, “Well, let’s go home.”

Instead, we had Asian food and watched some Redbox movies.  And that was good enough for us.

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Need a job? My place is hiring…and it’s awesome.

Foundation Software wants to train YOU for a career—no experience required!

Whether you’re a high school graduate or a college graduate, new to the working world or a seasoned veteran, or you just aren’t sure which direction you want to take your career, take a look at Foundation Software.  We will train you internally for a career at Foundation with competitive salary, great benefits, and numerous perks—no experience required!

We are looking for bright, ambitious people to fill a variety of positions at Foundation Software, author and developer of America’s #1 Construction Accounting Software.  We’ve been in business for over 26 years, are recognized nationally as a leading construction accounting provider and locally as one of Northeast Ohio’s top places to work by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, North Coast 99, and more!

No experience required—we will train you!  As Foundation Software continues to grow and add more products and services, we need bright, ambitious people to train as programmers,  support representatives, and  field trainers.

There’s a reason that Foundation Software is one of Northeast Ohio’s top workplaces—because we invest in our employees.  And we’ll invest the time and the money to train YOU for a position where you will succeed.  If you have the right attitude, the right aptitude, and the ambition to make it, you’ll fit into our culture and go far with our company.

Let us invest in YOU.  Apply now!
Email your resume to
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 Comment with any questions!
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MAGIC Camp – Gender Roles – Clearing Things Up

Yesterday, you may have noticed my suspiciously missing post.  I know I know, I never miss a weekday!  But this time, I had good reason.

The content in this post must be in the air, as my friend Jarvis addressed both online and to his class in this post.

I spent all yesterday in Euclid, Ohio filming a camp dedicated to showing women that they can be involved in construction.  Whether it’s out in the field swinging a hammer or running a forklift to in the office, managing the financials and selling the service.  Or Hell, like me, in the Marketing Department of a software company that makes accounting software for construction.

The point is that I think women in construction is a great idea.  Women are fully capable of doing any job in the construction spectrum.

I know that you all think that I’m one of those “Why doesn’t a woman need a watch? Because there’s a clock on the stove” kinda women.  But I’m truly not.  I can celebrate women in the workplace (duh, I am one) and I have absolutely no problem with women who are powerful, driven, etc.

What I do have a problem with are people in general (men and women) who feel overly entitled, or who are fighting too hard for a battle that’s already won.  I don’t always know how to handle extremists when I can’t see a reason for their being extreme.  For instance, today I posted the following:  Ladies—-pay the money to get your hair done. It’s an accessory that you wear EVERY DAY.

Some people rejoiced.  Others, like Jarvis, thought that I was discounting men as being able to pay to get their hair done.  I was not in any way chastising men for doing this, nor was I suggesting that they shouldn’t do it.  I just left your gender out of a post, and immediately you felt offended and entitled to attack me for it.  Which you may have been.  😉

Go to a barbershop or a salon or wherever it is you want to go.   Women can work in construction.  Men can be hairdressers.  Women can wear pants now, and men can use an unusual amount of hair product.  We will all always judge what others do, but it’s all subjective.  I don’t think men should wear skinny jeans, but I don’t think anyone should wear skinny jeans to be honest.

In his post, Jarvis asks his students:

“If a guy sees a girl, and she is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt and short hair, and he says, she looks like a guy, what if the girl says, no, you look like me.  I’m a girl, so you look like a girl. What happens in this situation?”

I say to each their own.  If you have to point something out like that, then you shouldn’t be saying it anyway.  And I’m not sure this conversation would actually happen this day in age.

If you refer back to my posts about men and what a man is and blah blah blah, you can easily assume that this post is a bunch of pompous bullshit.  What I was describing in all those posts on my PERSONAL blog are my PERSONAL feelings about what I like about men, what kind of men I am attracted to, and the type of man I seek out as a husband.  That is all.

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Ode to Ohio

When I moved to North Carolina, I moved to the very southeast corner.  I had the ocean at my fingertips, miles and miles of beaches, warm weather, magnolias, wisteria, southern drawls, surfers…  I had a downtown to rival many downtowns, a riverfront, a gorgeous view of everything.

And in Pennsylvania, I lived in a valley among some of the most beautiful rivers I’ve ever seen.  I have to admit that the flora and fauna of PA fit me better than North Carolina, but it still wasn’t the same.

It wasn’t Ohio.  And no one understood it–even the folks who were from Ohio.

But there are beautiful places in Ohio.  And beautiful things.  And beautiful reasons.  And it’s not just beautiful–Ohio is like an old friend that knows all my secrets and that continually opens its arms to me.

Here are the reasons I love Ohio:

–  My part of Ohio is flat.  I can see for miles and miles, and in all directions.  If I run a country block, I can see my entire path from where I am beginning.
–  Not all of Ohio is flat.  There are foothills of the Appalachians in the Southeast corner.
–  We do have a beach–on Lake Erie (don’t swallow the water).
–  Cedar Point, America’s Rockin’ Roller Coast.
–  The Lake Erie Islands.  Put-In-Bay is basically an island full of bars.  How freaking cool is that?  Plus it is home to the Longest Bar in the World – The Beer Barrel.
–  Ohio State football.  You can say what you will about Buckeyes, but at almost every single Ohio wedding I’ve been to, they play “Hang On Sloopy,” and we all sing along.
–  Cornfields…
–  The people here are the kindest I’ve ever met.  Sorry, South.
–  My family is here (this is fairly obvious).
–  Cleveland.  I know it’s “dirty” and there are some bad parts of town, and the sports teams leave a lot to be desired, but you’d be hard pressed to find a city with such devoted people.
–  The skies are wide open, just like you’re in the west without the dust storms.
–  The weather forces you to deal with extremes.
–  It also never lets you know what to expect.
–  We have tornadoes and droughts, awesome storms and quiet showers…I really like the weather.
–  I love the tractors on the roads, the friendly farmers, the waving hands.
–  The general blue-collarness of it all.
–  Ohioans aren’t above showing awe.
–  The bonfires.
–  Maple trees.
–  When the cottonwood fuzz starts flying, you know the fish are biting.
–  You can find rivers and streams everywhere.
–  Most of the men here are manly men.  Northern, manly, Ohioan men.
–  Pick-up trucks.
–  Country music.
–  Men working in their garages.
–  Willow trees.
–  Gas stations/Drive-Thrus
–  The fact that fairs and festivals are events that draw in an entire town.
–  How just about everyone I know has a pair of cowboy boots.
–  Ohioans aren’t afraid of hard work.
–  Cardinals everywhere.
–  Mourning doves.
–  Bike trails.
–  Fields of wheat.
–  The Amish country.
–  …I’ll be updating as I think of more.

There’s so much.  Maybe I’ll start an “Ohio” series delving into the things I love the most.  🙂

My heart is in Ohio.  Where’s yours?


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Our Two-Year Anniversary Weekend

It’s Mike and me!  Dressed up for a night on the town.  I love him.

And again.

And here we are in front of Cleveland Browns Stadium.

So what we did:

Friday, I gave Mike his golf clubs, and then we went out to eat at Applebee’s.  Then we rented a movie, and really just enjoyed each other.

Saturday morning, I made him bacon and pancakes and we drank a pot of coffee before heading off to Cleveland.  When we got there, we saw an Omnimax movie at the Great Lakes Science Center called Tornado Alley–narrated by none other than BILL PAXTON!  You know I love Twister…  PS, Omnimax means it’s a movie on a dome ceiling–and it is INTENSE.

Then we checked into our hotel, got all dressed up and went out on the town.  We hit up Flannery’s Pub, The Chocolate Bar (WHERE I HAD THE BEST FREAKIN’ MARTINI I HAVE EVER HAD), Fat Fish Blue, and we wandered around Cleveland.  It was incredible, just walking through Tower City and the Arcade.  We were going to eat at Chinato’s, but we looked at each other, smiled, and went and got pulled pork and cajun chicken.  🙂  Very us.  We’ll save Chinato’s for a day when we have nothing to do and we aren’t bursting with love.  And below are some of our adventures:

Sunday, my parents came to bring me my retirement folder for work (I gave it to my mother, because somehow, reading it meant giving up my youth…although now I have money going into an IRA…weird.).  We went to the mall and just spent time with them.  And I walked away from a mighty cute Fossil purse.

I think Mike’s probably annoyed with me telling him how lucky I am to have him.  He truly made this an incredible weekend.  I felt safe (which is odd for me in a city) and I felt happy.  Not that there was ever any question that Mike Baker is my favorite person, but this weekend confirms it.

I hope I never know a day without his love.


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