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“Unable to Refuse a Good Deal”…Or “I Have a Problem”?

I wish it were cut and dry, but it’s not.

Here’s the sitch:

I fell in love with this bag when I saw Kristin Cavallari running around The Grove with it:

It’s the Kirsten satchel by Alexander Wang in granite.  I didn’t know this at first.  I didn’t learn who made the bag until I emailed the Possessionista and she wrote a blog post about me.  Yep, here it is:

Yeah, I know.  I’m a freak.  Anyway, I started a mad search for the purse.  Know what I found out?  It was $945.00.  Yeah.  So I tried everything for this baby:

I looked for coupon codes, I searched eBay.  I even asked the newly-divorced guys at work if I could clean their house once a week for a year in exchange for the bag, to which they replied, “That’d be nice, but I can’t spend that much on a bag.”

So I pouted.  I found the Kirsten Satchel on eBay in the taupe color (I wanted granite) and began a bidding war that proceeded to dominate my weekend.  I pouted some more.

And then Bergdorf Goodman sold out of my precious bag.  And so did Neiman Marcus.  And I gave up.

But I was jonesing for a new bag.  JONESING.  So…I found one.  I really wanted this bag for a long time, but couldn’t justify the $448:

I ended up buying this one instead for a damn good price:

But then I wanted the Alexander Wang bag…a lot because of the color.  So I began to hunt for a green bag–olive green to be specific, and since I already had a brown bag, I compromised and (as much as it verifies that I have a problem) I purchased this:

FOR 50% OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE!  And it’s a beautiful green color.  Thanks to my, Tweeps, especially, the Country Man’s Wife!

That either makes me a helluva deal-finder…or a compulsive handbag-buying bitch.  Let’s go with the latter?


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