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Cursive Handwriting – A Skill Not to Be Forgotten

So I heard that some schools aren’t teaching cursive anymore?  What the hell, schools?!

How can you not teach cursive anymore?!  I can give you PLENTY of reasons to continue to teach cursive.

Signing your name – listen people.  No one wants your name in print on a check.

Because it teaches you patience and practice.

Because it gives you the ability to write speedily.

Because if you write a letter (and God forbid put down your keyboard), they always look better in cursive.

Learn to write it so you can learn to read it.

Because it portrays elegance.

Because we all learned it.

Because it makes you learn smarter than you are.

Because it helps with motor skills (yeah, I read that somewhere) and muscle control (that, too).

Because damnit, you should just know how.  It exists for a reason.


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