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Know what makes a good Friday?

Knowing your darling Momma is watching Friday Night Lights in your apartment, and cleaning up as she goes.

Having lunch with your darling Momma.

Going to a Browns game tonight with your darling Momma.

Seeing your boyfriend later on tonight.

Going home to Fremont.

And seeing a brand new baby boy named Jax.

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My Friday Night Obsession-GHOST ADVENTURES

Zak Bagans--in one of his favorite poses.

Let me paint you a picture:

Every other Friday night, I drive to Pennsylvania to see Mike.   When I pull into the drive, he comes down the back steps of his apartment, gives me a kiss and takes my awesomely over-sized L.L. Bean bag from my Forester, and carries it up the stairs.  I follow, checking the bird feeder that I left there for the cardinals that apparently only come around when I visit.

Mike usually has dinner ready.  My weekends at Mike’s are full of things I do not have at home–like real food.  We eat, and he usually has a bottle of wine waiting for me.  Then we settle back in front of the television for something else I do not have at home–cable.  And it has become our Friday night tradition to watch Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans.

Now, I must make it immediately clear how I feel about Zak Bagans.

•  You can accuse me of it all you want–I do NOT find him attractive.  In fact, my crush lies with Aaron (the one on the far left)

•  His guido-esqueness only adds to the show.

That’s pretty much the extent of feelings I have toward him.


But I cannot stop watching this show.  I am completely addicted to it.  This past Friday, he was trying to seduce a ghost who had a tendency of shagging the living.  Freaking hilarious.  And I don’t know who writes his scripts for him, but the big words that come out of this man’s mouth are most certainly not his.  I do not hate Zak Bagans, and I’m not trying to make fun of him, but the off-ness of the show completely makes it.




As I mentioned before, my ghost heart lies with Aaron.  I think this is because at first, he was just their tech guy to begin with, and when they realized he was a “magnet for paranormal activity,” they let him into the club.

I honest to God do not know what it is about this show that I like. I just get sucked in to the point where I can’t turn away.

But this is my latest addiction.  You should watch it.

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