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That Brand…

Header-01You know when you find that brand that just clicks with you? It fits your style and you feel like it really speaks to who you are?

Yeah…I found that.  Remember when I was selfish last September and bought myself a Frye bag?  Yeah…

Well, during Christmas, I took days off of work, spent four days making 122 dozen cookies (364 sugar cookies, 135 monster cookies, 130 Kiss cookies, 98 Snicker cookies, 144 Rocky roads, 144 scotcheroos, 144 magic cookie bars, 48 poor man treats, 48 pecan bars, and 216 truffles for a total of 1471 cookies) wrapped Christmas presents, and drove my Momma through a blizzard to get her Christmas shopping done.

And I enjoyed every freaking minute of it (except for when Mom yelled at me for driving too fast on the Ohio Turnpike and told me that she wanted to be a Grandma before I killed her 🙂 ).

But she wanted to get me a present.  And she did.  And I am so FREAKING excited because it is a Frye bag. A mini version of what I have but in brown.  EEEEEEEEEEE!

Frye Brooke Satchel Small

Thank you, my momma! I’ll try to make you a Grandma soon!


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On Selfishness

On Selfishness

Header-01On Thursday, I found a purse that I wanted.  It was nothing like this, or this though.  It was much bigger that those two wants.  In fact, the want was overwhelming.

I decided to think about this though. It, again, was a large sum of money.  I ran it by my mom, and by Mike.  Both said it was an Erica purse.

But in the end, Mike and I run the finances together, and he said no.  I huffed, but understood, took a nap in my car on my lunch break, and returned to a message from Mike.

He said something like, “Next month, when we get married, we both lose some of our selfishness.  And next year, when the babies happen, we lose even more of our ability to do things for ourselves.  So I think you should have the purse.  Because, really, you deserve it.”

He gives me new reasons every day for marrying him. 🙂

2013-09-10 18.46.56

Here’s the purse:

2013-09-13 17.59.40

2013-09-13 18.02.04

2013-09-13 18.02.23

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