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Friday Funday!

I don’t particularly have much to say today except for the fact that the next post I write will be from a 27-year-old perspective instead of 26.  So get ready for that.

Until then, here are 50 People I Wish I Knew In Real Life:


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Why I Love Being Catholic

It seems to me that anyone who is Catholic understands that there is stigma around being Catholic.  Sometimes we get annoyed with the rules within our faith, and sometimes we fall back on them–hard.  And we’ve all seen Dogma and know how people perceive the faith.

The truth is that I’m not as strict as I used to be.  At one point during my childhood, I accidentally said “f*ck” (see, I feel bad typing out the whole word in a blog full of faith) and spent the rest of the night begging God not to send me to hell and saying the Rosary over and over again.  I was muttering Hail Mary’s in my sleep and living in fear for months afterward.

And upon dating a very religious Presbyterian, I began noticing the differences between our faiths.  There was nothing wrong with these differences, but rather a symbiotic misunderstanding.  He got further into his faith, I got a little away from mine.  When I graduated high school, he gave me a necklace with a crucifix charm.  I wore it every day, even after we broke up in October of my freshman year.

While sitting in a Creative Writing class my Junior year of college, I was wearing the crucifix necklace.  All of the sudden, Jesus fell off the cross.  Gina, my good Catholic friend who was sitting next to me, said, “That can’t be good…”  It was funny, and a little scary.

But I LOVE being Catholic.

  • I love that the potential for Hell, sinning, and guilt has kept me from doing a lot of bad things.
  • I love that the guilt from doing bad things I’ve done anyway has scared me away from bad habits.
  • I love that we all say the same things at the same time (although it seems cultish to outsiders).
  • I love the Catholic Calisthenics, the stand sit kneel sit stand dance.
  • I love that Catholics can pick each other out in a crowd.
  • I love that we can poke fun at ourselves one minute and then defend our faith the next.
  • I love the crucifix.
  • I love the stained glass.
  • I love Lent.
  • I love Dogma.
  • I love that, “I’m Catholic” draws the response, “Oooh” from so many people.

I am by no means a strict Catholic, but I will cite the beliefs and statutes in my everyday speech.  I wish I went to church every Sunday.  I felt better when I did.  Maybe I ought to start that again.  In college at Ashland University, I went every Sunday night with my friends, Dan and Rachel.  In North Carolina, I was afraid to go alone, but when I found St. Mary’s, it felt like going home again.  When I moved back to PA and started having panic attacks, I went back to church.  But between all the moving and traveling every weekend to this place or the next, I just don’t go anymore.

I need to get back to it.


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o.0 What in the Sam Hell?

What does that even mean, anyway?  What in the Sam Hell?  Who is Sam Hell?

Praise Google.

Apparently it’s Sam Hill.  Maybe it was the dialect of Ohio that made me think it was Hell.  Regardless.

And now Praise Wikipedia:

Sam Hill (euphemism)

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Sam Hill is an American English slang phrase, a euphemism or minced oath for “the devil” or “hell” personified (as in, “What in the Sam Hill is that?”). Etymologist Michael Quinion and others date the expression back to the late 1830s;[1][2] they and others[3] consider the expression to have been a simple bowdlerization, with, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, an unknown origin.

So I’m apparently not too far off.

What is the reason for my Sam Hill?  Well, Sam Hill doesn’t know what it is to work at Bath and Body Works.  Now, I’m not saying it’s bad.  It’s actually rather fun.  And it’s a relaxed environment.  But the pay sucks.  And the hours suck.  And it’s a whole lot of Suck Sam Hill…  That sounds HORRIBLE.  A whole lot of Sam Hill Suck?  I’m not going to get anywhere with Suck, am I?


The reason I’m not liking this is that I am being paid not enough for what they’re expecting me to do.  Manager?  $9?  What?  It’s a tad ridiculous.  And overwhelming.  It’s like a bottle of lotion an hour.  Before taxes.  What in the Sam Hill am I going to do with that?  Sucky thing 2:  the hours.  It’s all evening.  SUCK.  Which means that Sam Hill and I are at Bath and Body Works together while Mike is at home…after work…without me or Sam Hill.  And it’s part-time.  So I’m working between 20-30 hours a week.  Okay, fine.  JUST MAKE THEM DAYTIME.  Ugh.

I think Sam Hill is going to be my new imaginary friend who I can bitch to while I’m training.


Housegirlfriendry not so fun as there are no babies or puppies to care for.

Retail is not fun because I am not being paid the amount I expect, and I never see Mike, and I am having an affair with Sam Hill.

And I do believe housewifery is far off…because I do not have a job that I am completely happy with.  And it has nothing to do with my degrees.  And Mike won’t marry an unhappy housegirlfriend who is gallivanting about with Sam Hill.


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