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Chris Pine, Welcome Back to the Guilt-Free Three


Chris Pine, welcome back.  Because this:

See ya later, Chris Messina.

Current Guilt-Free Three:  Chris Pine, Zesty Guy, and Chris Hemsworth.  YUM.


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My Current Guilt-Free Three – January 2014

Header-01Let’s be honest–I change my Guilt-Free Three (prepare for exploding ovaries–Chris Hemsworth is in that post) more than I change my underwear (insert Chris Hemsworth joke here).

See?  I dig folk singers.

Yeah.  And handymen.

And this one.  Generally, just men from Jersey make me weak at the knees.

What?  Friday Night Lights?

And just a general Guilt-Free Three?

So who’s in the Guilt-Free Three on January 13, 2014?  Here you go:

Chris Messina, please stop being so farking adorable.  Your smiles are worth millions of bitcoins.

Danny Castellano

Anderson Davis aka “Zesty Guy” – You make me want to play with fire.  And to learn to cook.  And look at all these pictures for at least 20 hours a day.

Chris Hemsworth, I can’t quit you.

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Um, here’s the update:

Angus Stone

Taylor Kitsch


I’m sorry.  I can’t talk right now.  My mind is elsewhere.


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Guilt-Free Three Update: Folk Singer Edition

The Guilt-Free Three officially has a Folk Singer Edition.  Mostly because of one man–but I’m realizing that folk singers are mighty sexy.  MIGHTY.

So here we go:

#3:  Kristian Matsson:  The Tallest Man On Earth

HOLY GEEZ.  Not only is his voice and his music AMAZING, he’s like a Swedish James Dean.  Lordy!

#2:  Charlie Fink:  “Noah & The Whale”

Gimme that hair!

#1:  Angus Stone:  Angus & Julia Stone

Whaaaaa–okay, I’ll admit it.  This is the whole reason for this post.  HOLY SHIT.  The hair, the scruff, the chest fur, the voice, the harmonica.  I can’t help myself.  Luckily, he only sings with his sister, so he’s not married–plus, Mike digs his sister Julia.


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Guilt-Free 3: Handyman Edition

There’s something sexy about a handyman–a guy who can fix everything, even though he may not have done it before.  He can figure it out.  A guy who can build things, a guy who knows carpentry or landscaping or mechanics or anything.  A small town guy.

So today, I salute the handymen of the world with a Guilt-Free 3.  Some of these men are characters in shows and they, as real life people, may not be the same, but I’m going for the character here, so LAY OFF.

Here are the following men I’ll be calling if anything ever breaks in my house:

1)  Eddie Latekka (Geoff Stults) – October Road:

2)  Joel Graham (Sam Jaeger) – Parenthood:

3)  Carter Oosterhouse – carpenter:

Honorable Mention:

Ty Pennington

Rhett (Chris Pine) in Small Town Saturday Night


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Guilt-Free-3: New Jersey Edition

There’s been a lot of “Jersey” in the air lately.

I’m obsessed with the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  OBSESSED.  And Jersey Shore apparently is a big thing–although I can’t watch it because it gives me panic attacks (DISEASE!).

But Jersey is significant enough for me to come up with a Jersey Guilt-Free-3!  I think I’ve discovered that I have a thing for white t-shirts…  This could be a problem.  JERSEY FOR LIFE–but no guidos.

Jon Bon Jovi

Albie Manzo

The Gaslight Athem - any of whom would be acceptable... But let's aim for the third from the left in the hot white t-shirt.

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Guilt-Free Three: Friday Night Lights Edition

So I’ve been watching Friday Night Lights, which means inevitably that I’ve had to rethink my Guilt-Free Three.  But it’s going to be really hard to kick Geoff Stults out–so I’m just going to do a Friday Night Lights Edition of my Guilt-Free Three.

#1 – Kyle Chandler aka Coach Eric Taylor.  Maybe it’s the accent, maybe it’s the sultry eyes, maybe it’s his love of football.  Mostly, though, I think it’s his jawline and his gritted teeth.  Oh, and his calves.









#2 – Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins.  It’s the hair.  I go all weak-kneed for a boy with long hair.  Especially a boy who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the world, and who surprises you when you need him the most.  Oh, and it might be the abs, too.






#3 – Derek Phillips aka Billy Riggins.  So I’m double-dipping into the Riggins family.  Sue me.  Older brother who takes care of his younger brother.  Check.  Has that boy in the fields look to him.  Check Check.  Does whatever he can for his family.  Check Check Check.  Oh, and he’s always got stubble.  🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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