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License plates, collapsing roofs, and gunshots.

AH…  I’m sorry ya’ll.  I know I’ve been gone.

Lots has been going on, and I’ve been having to make some decisions about PA or Ohio.

Which means Mike and I have been talking a lot about a lot of stuff, but I’ll get to that at a later date.

I promised pictures of food.  Ha ha, but I’m in Ohio right now, and my card is in PA.  OHIO!  Which gives me more reasons to love the North.  Lemme explain.

1)  I came to Ohio Tuesday morning last week.  I hunkered down on a lawn chair and got really tan.  YES.  Score one for the housegirlfriend.

2)  Wednesday, motorcycle ride with my friend, Mikey.  Not to be confused w/ my boyfriend Mike.

3)  Thursday, I went to Shelby, Ohio to see my cousin and her family.  Baby Grant is no longer a baby, but a lot of fun.  And then Mom and I went North to Lodi to shop and see my friends from college.  🙂  I loved seeing you guys, Hope, Heidi, and Jess!  After that, I was exhausted, came home, passed out.

4)  Friday, got my hair done.  FINALLY.  I no longer look like a muskrat.  You know that point in your hair growth that it gets a little mousy on the inside, and it gets greasier, and there’s these goofy little dimensions on your skull?  Yeah, I was there two-fold.  I LOVED the time at the salon.  I drank a beer, gossiped, had some fake hair put on my head just to see what it’d look like.  I’m telling you, give me a beer, some fake hair, I’ll come back to your salon, and pay whatever you tell me to.

5)  Saturday, I got freaked out and realized that my car insurance was due July 20.  I was paying $520.00 a half in North Carolina.  I thought, “Yeah, two tickets, that’s about right.”  So I was just gonna pay it because my license and registration doesn’t run out until September.  But here’s the thing.  I called Progressive and said, “Hey, I’m up North in Ohio now, at least that’s my most permanent address.  What would it be a half there?”   Now keep in mind, I had liability only and was still paying $520.00 a half.  In Ohio, for comprehensive insurance, they told me it was $164.00 a half.  FOR COMPREHENSIVE!!!  Needless to say, I said, “Switch it.”  And they told me I ought to, because I was driving semi-illegally b/c I’m not in Carolina anymore.  So I was supposed to drive back to Mike on Monday morning, but it turns out that he is sending me my car title so I can switch everything back to Ohio.  I’m going to have an Ohio plate and license again!

I’m trying to choose between these two:

Which do I get?  AH!  Poll ends TOMORROW MORNING.  I need to get these plates.

You all understand, now, why I want the cardinal.  I could have Uncle Grandma flying down the highway with me at 70mph!  The cardinal is $25.00 though, and Beautiful Ohio is the default, and costs only $11.50.  It’s a difference of about $15.00…  It’ll be a spur of the moment decision I think.  But ain’t that a cute cardi?!

So now I’m stuck in Ohio at least until Tuesday night, when my title comes in the mail from Mike and I can switch everything over.  But my Lord, do I love the North!


There have been a couple things happening since I got home.  The roof of the Fremont company collapsed and killed one man, injured others.  Check it out and send your prayers.  It was a tragedy.

The second happened last night into this morning.  Now, this is what I remember at this kid:

It was eighth grade.  I rode the bus.  I used to love the way the morning air smelled as I stood outside at the end of the driveway, the wind moving just a little, a whole day of school ahead of me.  But the air smelled funny once, and I got on the bus, talked to some of the popular kids who knew what was going on.  There was pot in the air.  Marijuana.  Reefer.  All those words that made me pray for the people around me when I was young and dumb and unaware.  My friend Scott smiled at me and patted my head.  And the kid in the back, with his greasy, blonde bowl cut looked at me and said, “Are you serious?  Go ahead and act like you’ve never done it.”

“I’ve never even seen it.  I don’t know what pot looks like.”

“I’ll bring some tomorrow.  I’ll show you what it looks like,” he said.  Now let me tell you that beyond the greasy blonde bowl cut, this kid looked sketchy.  Beady eyes, scary.  Had that look to him when he stared you in the eye that he could see right through you, that it was like he wanted to corrupt you.  In fact.  Here he is:

I didn’t want to see pot.  I told him so.

The next day, though, he came with a bag of weed, had me lean over the back of the vinyl seat of the bus.  I looked into a tiny bag of weed.  I shrugged.  I knew I never wanted to see it again.

I had to say this, but he died last night.  It’s a controversial situation.  I don’t want to remember him badly.  I feel bad even posting the story.  Thing is, it’s starting this whole opinion forming thing on what happened.  Like I said, it’s controversial.  Tell me what you think.  I think the deputy was justified.  But you’ll have to read about it here.  I’m sorry he died…but I think I understand the circumstances.  Maybe it was my 8th grade fear resurfacing.

So here I am.  When I get back to Mike, I’ll have an Ohio license.  I’ll have an Ohio title.  I’ll have blonder hair with no roots…  And I’ll be back in his arms, back to being a housewife.

Muffins and casserole next time!  PROMISE!!!!!


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