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So here’s the sweater that I talked about awhile back.  The picture is fuzzy.  I’m sorry–it was 6am.

Here’s a better one:

Cute right?

And here is a picture of me in the sweater I had to wear for our company picture.  We’re doing an ugly sweater Christmas card!  It’s bound to be fantastic:

You can’t see it all, but I didn’t have time to figure out the timer, and truthfully, it was early.

And finally, some pictures of Mike and I on Halloween:

Yes, it was snowing.  It’s a busy day, ya’ll.  More tomorrow!  Going shopping tonight for a dress because the one I mentioned before ended up being way too big.  (This is a good thing!)

Cheers, babies!

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Halloween Sucks Because We’re Desensitized

Halloween used to be my second favorite holiday…but recently, it’s fallen a bit.  Halloween isn’t as fun when you aren’t surrounded by kids.  That’s why I’m excited to go to Mike’s brother and sister-in-law’s house this weekend to see all their cute little kids in their costumes.  It’s such an exciting time!

Halloween has fallen a bit simply because nothing is shocking anymore.  It used to be about the fear.  I loved the fear.  I loved when watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller would get my heart racing and I’d be afraid to look behind the shower curtain for weeks.  And now when I watch it, I think, “That’s not that scary.”

I know that part of this is because I’ve grown up and a lot of myths have been debunked.  Part of me likes that because as I become more aware of my surroundings, I don’t work myself into a tizzy. But by becoming more aware of my surroundings, I’ve also noticed how terrible reality can be sometimes.

The other reason that I don’t think Thriller is scary anymore is probably because the world has gotten scarier than movies, videos, or TV shows.  The stuff that happens in real life is much scarier than Halloween.  I think that’s sad.  But have a Happy Halloween.  Let the kids enjoy it before they realize how scary the world is.  Nothin’ wrong with a little pranking, either.  🙂

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