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Frye Bags and Onesies and LOVE, oh MY!

Header-01Oh shut up. You KNEW I was going to post pictures of my new purse (along with my other Frye purse), so don’t judge me! 2014-01-17 13.05.49 When I got my first Frye bag, she was just so saucy and red and wonderful and I named her Carlotta (after a character on Friday Night Lights). So when I ordered her tiny counterpart, I named her Dorota.  It rhymes, D comes after C, and I was heavily watching Gossip Girl right before I bought the bag and I freaking loved Dorota.  Plus, my style was affirmed when I saw Chuck Bass wearing a OnePiece Onesie (which I now own two of because I’m farking addicted to those, too) to play basketball.  So “Dorota” pays homage to my love affair with all things Gossip Girl.


And for good measure, here’s Chuck Bass in a onesie. 🙂

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“Unable to Refuse a Good Deal”…Or “I Have a Problem”?

I wish it were cut and dry, but it’s not.

Here’s the sitch:

I fell in love with this bag when I saw Kristin Cavallari running around The Grove with it:

It’s the Kirsten satchel by Alexander Wang in granite.  I didn’t know this at first.  I didn’t learn who made the bag until I emailed the Possessionista and she wrote a blog post about me.  Yep, here it is:

Yeah, I know.  I’m a freak.  Anyway, I started a mad search for the purse.  Know what I found out?  It was $945.00.  Yeah.  So I tried everything for this baby:

I looked for coupon codes, I searched eBay.  I even asked the newly-divorced guys at work if I could clean their house once a week for a year in exchange for the bag, to which they replied, “That’d be nice, but I can’t spend that much on a bag.”

So I pouted.  I found the Kirsten Satchel on eBay in the taupe color (I wanted granite) and began a bidding war that proceeded to dominate my weekend.  I pouted some more.

And then Bergdorf Goodman sold out of my precious bag.  And so did Neiman Marcus.  And I gave up.

But I was jonesing for a new bag.  JONESING.  So…I found one.  I really wanted this bag for a long time, but couldn’t justify the $448:

I ended up buying this one instead for a damn good price:

But then I wanted the Alexander Wang bag…a lot because of the color.  So I began to hunt for a green bag–olive green to be specific, and since I already had a brown bag, I compromised and (as much as it verifies that I have a problem) I purchased this:

FOR 50% OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE!  And it’s a beautiful green color.  Thanks to my, Tweeps, especially, the Country Man’s Wife!

That either makes me a helluva deal-finder…or a compulsive handbag-buying bitch.  Let’s go with the latter?


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