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Oh good things are happening today!

I saw a cardinal as soon as I walked out of my front door.

Justin Bieber was on the Elvis Duran Show this morning.

It’s cold enough to snow!

The CEO liked the poem I wrote for our company Christmas card.

I bought Mike a Christmas present.

I’m doing mad work and getting stuff done.

Thanksgiving is next week.

And a phone call is hanging in the balances.

And I want this outfit:



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Posted by on November 17, 2011 in Daily Happenings



Know what makes a good Friday?

Knowing your darling Momma is watching Friday Night Lights in your apartment, and cleaning up as she goes.

Having lunch with your darling Momma.

Going to a Browns game tonight with your darling Momma.

Seeing your boyfriend later on tonight.

Going home to Fremont.

And seeing a brand new baby boy named Jax.

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Posted by on August 19, 2011 in Daily Happenings


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