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Falling Into (My) Place

There are a certain number of things that are falling into place, coming to fruition, or that I am learning to accept.

Friendships (that I thought were too damaged to reconcile or too far lost to find again) are coming back.

Chances are being given where it seemed there were no chances left.

I am trying not to be so cheap…and to enjoy my life rather than “miser” it into a bank account.

I’m making time for the really important things/people/activities.

There are major things to look forward to, like going back into time on Memorial Day weekend with the girls I went to college with.

My eye finally quit twitching (as much).

I have friends that I go out with and have fun with and that truly make me feel like Brunswick is becoming my home.

There are plans for the weekends.

My jeans are getting bigger (read:  I am getting smaller).

My relationship is stronger than ever…and there are chances that we could be together soon.

It all just feels good.  Let’s hope this keeps up.  It’s all rather harmonious.

(PS, I used to wear a ying-yang necklace every day in elementary school.  I thought I was so cool.)



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