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Finding my “-er”

People tend to identify themselves but some of the activities that they do.  Mike, for instance, is a mapper.  He’s also a fisherman, a hunter, an musician.

My mom is a mother…which she chose to be.

Me?  I’m a daughter, and a sister…neither of which I had any say in, but I do truly enjoy.  They’re not something I chose to do though. They’re not activities.

I can describe myself in adjectives:  happy, odd, not-so-well traveled, cheap, free.  But I don’t have an “-er” beyond “sister” and “daughter”.  I’m not a golfer or a softball player.  I’m not a runner or a hiker or a climber.  I do some of these things–I joined a softball league and I run, but I do not identify myself with those activities.

And we’ve talked about how I write, but I am not a writer. I am not a musician. I am not a cook.  I am not a baker (yet…am I right, Mike? 😉 ).

I don’t do activity that I enjoy so much that I want to identify myself with it.  What does that mean?  I want to be a wife and a mother someday.  Those are things I will choose and will enjoy…but shouldn’t I have something to be until then?  I’m not a crafter or a decorator.  I am not a quilter or a seamstress.

I suppose I am a dreamer.  And I suppose I am an avid Roseanne fan.  And I do love the Cleveland Indians and baseball, but not so much so that I can define myself by any of it.

I think this goes back to me needing a hobby.  But it seems it’s deeper than that.  It seems to me that I need a self-defining activity.  This ought to be interesting.

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Picking a New Something

Alright, so as if Jesus heard my cry for something new, I got something to do last night.  While I may not write for fun anymore, I do have some side work now editing/writing/proofing.  I may also have a new gig managing an someone’s effort to make healthcare knowledge more readily available.

So I have stuff to do now, and while that may not become my “hobby”, it does help.

I did think of a fun fact about me:  My nickname is Hooty and I collect owls.  Lots of them.

But I do have new interests, so here’s the plan, Stan:

  • I will camp a lot this summer…so I guess I ought to buy a tent and some of those marshmallow sticks.
  • Mike and I are going to start bowling on a regular basis.
  • I am going to get a massive wine rack and fill it to the brim.  In addition, I will start to build a bar.
  • I might start fishing (weather permitting, and permit permitting).
  • And I also want to collect something…but I’m having a hard time deciding what.  I want it to be something that isn’t that easy to find, you know, that will require some digging.  Flea markets, yard sales, etc.  I don’t want it to be impossible either.  Or insanely expensive.

Trust me, if I could have my choice of collection, it would be designer handbags…check out my Pinterest board…but that’s just not feasible.

So I’m taking suggestions as to what to collect.  SEND ‘EM OVER!


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