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Roseanne Roadtrip Recap

It finally happened.  I went and saw the house that the Conner’s lived in on the Roseanne sitcom!  Here the rundown:

Friday, I drove to Ashland and picked up Kay.  Hours driven:  1.  We left Ashland around 6:30pm, and made it to Columbus to visit my good friend Jena and to pick up some ugly Christmas sweaters.  Hours driven:  2

We made it to New Palestine, IN to our friend Barbs’ house around 10:30pm.  Hours driven:  4.  We watched a little Roseanne on TV and went to bed.

Saturday morning, we took off around 10:30am to Evansville, IN.  It was like everything in the world didn’t want us to go there.  We got caught in a traffic jam, we got caught behind a damn tractor that was going 10mph, and we were all riled up.  We made it to Evansville, IN around 2:00pm.  Hours driven:  7.5.

This is where it gets ABSURD.  Evansville is much bigger than we ever anticipated.  We found Roseanne’s house!  We parked the car and got out and took creepy stalker pictures.

IT WAS GLORIOUS!  I was clearly excited.  I didn’t knock, though.  I chickened out.

Before the neighbors started calling the cops, we made our way out of that neighborhood and onto the Lobo Lounge.  If you don’t know, the Lobo Lounge is where Dan and Roseanne drank beers quite often.

So we made our way there…in the middle of a meth neighborhood, where I think Kay and I were both fearing for our lives.  We found it, though!  It’s called Talk of the Town Pizza.

But the truth is that we were kinda scared of the neighborhood.  It was 2:30pm and the place didn’t open until 4pm, so we didn’t get a chance to go inside.  Hours driven:  8.

At this point, we were kind of at loss for words.  We had been in the town all of a half hour and we had nothing else to see.  So we got in our car and drove 3.5 hours back to Barbs’ house.  Hours driven:  11.5.

On the way back, we tried to stop at a bar here or there, but none of them took cards, and we couldn’t find a damn ATM.  When we got back to Barbs’ house, we had some pork roast, drank some drinks, and went to the bar down the road.

In the morning, we got in the car and drove 3.5 hours back to Ashland where I dropped off Kay.  Hours driven:  15.

And then I drove an hour back to my house.  Hours driven:  16.  

In other words, we drove a lot, and saw very little.  BUT IT WAS SO FUN!  🙂  I loved every minute of it.  Thanks Barbs and Rob for letting us stay!



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OMG, the Roseanne Roadtrip starts as SOON as I leave work!  I’m beyond excited.  Seriously.  I might lose my mind.  I’m driving to Ashland to pick up Kay, then stopping in Columbus to snag a Christmas sweater from my good buddy Jena, then off to Indy where we’ll see Barbs’ new house!

In the morning on Saturday, we’re taking off to Evansville, Indiana so that we can see this house:

The Sitcom Promised Land

And we’ll visit the Lobo Lounge (which is now a pizza place) and then jump into Kentucky and Illinois–just for the hell of it.

I’M SO EXCITED.  Off to buy road trip goodies on my lunch break!


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Over Ohio and Through Indiana to Roseanne’s House We Go!

!!!!!!!!  It’s official.  I am going to Roseanne’s house.  It’s true!  Okay okay, not her real house (which is in Hawaii now), and not even a house she ever actually lived in.  And truth be told, according to my good buddy, Bruce, they never actually filmed inside this house, either…  But I will be visiting THE HOUSE (or at least the outside of it) that is featured in all of the episodes of Roseanne!

The Promised Land of All Domestic Goddesses

Alright alright, you’re not excited about this at all, are you?  WELL YOU SHOULD BE!  On October 21, my roommate from college (Kay, aka Snoop-A-Loop) will grab her green hat, and we will go to Indianapolis to pick up Barbs, another friend from college.  No doubt, Barbs will have her cranky thong on, so we’re going to have to get her drunk and throw her into the car the next morning.

From there, we will drive to 619 South Runnymeade Avenue in Evansville, Indiana, and we will take shameless photos in front of the house.  Barbs will probably be snapping most of the pictures, as she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Roseanne.

Would it be out of line to ask the people who live there if we can come in?  I hope it’s not out of line, because I fully intend on doing it.




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