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An Uncrazy Black Friday

So it’s 9:25am on Black Friday.  I’m sitting with my family in the living room watching Storage Wars while Mom paints her nails and while my brother picks at leftover dessert for breakfast.

Mike is getting ready in the back, thinking about where we want to go:  Cleveland, Toledo, or Sandusky.

We’ll go out today to shop, but mostly to get our first taste of the Christmas spirit (minus my consistent listening of Justin Bieber’s Under the Mistletoe).  We just like to see the people, to drink coffee in the food court, and to walk under the gawdy Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling.

While I’m a bigger fan of Cyber Monday (and cyber shopping in general), I still think Black Friday is an entertaining phenomenon.  It’s a chance to see people at their best, and at their worst.

So out we go into the world.  Happy Black Friday everyone!


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I Dream of Bieber


Alright dream interpreters, I need you again.  Carmen?  Where are you?

I fell asleep last night.  In the middle of the night, I dreamt of Bieber.


It was not a dirty dream.  Rather, it was a dream that just felt weird.  I met Bieber, but it wasn’t like I was 20 years older than him (like I feel now).  Bieber and I flirted for a hot minute.  Then all of the sudden I was in his backyard watching the Cleveland Indians play baseball.  Up close. 🙂

And then I was holding a baby.  Cutest baby in the world.  And she was mine!  A fuzzy little purple onesie and a cute little nose nuzzled in my neck, and she fell asleep on me.  And then there was a little baby boy, and darnit was he cute, too.

It was a very calming and happy feeling…as long as the babies didn’t belong to Bieber.  Although…then I wouldn’t have to worry about starting college funds.


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My Bieber Fever Has Turned Into Bieber Pneumonia

I’ve reverted into a teenager again, and I will tell you why.

Last night, I went to the cinema to see Justin Bieber:  Never Say Never.  All you haters, you can roll your eyes as much as you want.  I will defend this decision, this movie, and this kid until he does something stupid like Miley Cyrus (I don’t think that will happen).

Let me explain to you why I like Bieber:

1)  I’ve always gone weak at the knees for boys who sing with a bit of a squeak in their voice.  It reminds me of their potential to be men.

2)  He’s darling.

3)  I dare you to try not to bob your head to his songs. And I was like baby baby baby noooo!

4)  I love the underdog.  Found on Youtube?  What better icon for our generation?

5)  In my heart of hearts, I believe Justin Bieber is good, honest, wholesome entertainment with a wealth of talent.  (Can you tell I’ve been working in marketing?)

And this is the most important reason:

6)  Because he reminds me of what it is like to love someone so blindly, so unabashedly (marketing) that sometimes, it just brings you to tears, darnit.

I watched those teenage girls scream their heads off, cry, profess their love, dress up, smile, scream their heads off some more, follow him AROUND THE WORLD–and they’ve never even met the kid.  If you’ll refer back to my post about Nick Carter, you’ll recall that I was a teeny bopper.  Hardcore.  I loved Nick Carter and the Backstreet Boys.  Boybands give teenage girls something to believe in.

Justin Bieber does that.

I don’t care if you loved Donny Osmond, or Leif Garrett, David Cassidy, New Kids on the Block, Menudo, N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, heck, I don’t care if you loved Five or BBMak.  Girls of all ages, what I’m asking you is, Don’t you remember? Most adults aren’t going to understand this.  We’re all old, and realize how hard the world is.  But these girls, these teenagers who love Justin Bieber, they don’t have to know that yet.  They can buy Bieber tickets because they don’t have rent to pay, or mortgages, or groceries.  They don’t have to know how much regret student loans will make them feel, and they won’t have had their hearts broken, or have been cheated on.  They can completely lose themselves in a perfect being.

So I’m with them.  And seeing that movie literally made me misty-eyed nostalgic for those times when I would scream during Backstreet Boys concerts, when I would sit on the phone with Caitie and watch TRL and root for BSB to beat N*Sync.

All you teen idols out there, from back in the day to Bieber, thank you for giving us something to believe in before we found out how rough the world can be.

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