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Last Man Standing – LOVING IT

There are plenty of “manly” shows on TV.  Unfortunately, they’re “specialized”.  Car shows.  Gun shows.  Hunting shows.  All manly activities that my father and Mike will watch for hours upon hours.

I don’t mind these shows most of the time.  Lots of times the hunters, mechanics, or gunman are sexy.  But sometimes I need a storyline, and now there’s a sitcom that celebrates all sorts of manliness (hunting, cars, sports, and more).  Last Man Standing!  I’ve missed Tim Allen since Home Improvement has gone off the air.  I really missed him.  I loved how excited he got about engines, the grunting, the MANLINESS.

And now he’s back in Last Man Standing!  A man with a wife and three daughters who is trying not to lose his manliness.  He works at an outdoor sporting goods store and loves all things manly.  I can respect that.

Just so you feminists (and Jarvis) don’t get all up in arms, I also have recently started watching Pan Am.  Four women who are empowered, and somehow, they don’t bug me.  That’s a successful show if you ask me!

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