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“Parenthood”: The Best Show on TV

That’s right.  I’m downright saying it, because there’s absolutely nothing any of you could say that could make me believe otherwise.

I love Parenthood.  So much.  I believe Dustin Rowles of said it best when he said that if he could live in a show, it would be Parenthood.  I love each and every family in a different way, and it’s no secret that I’m in love with Joel, played by Sam Jaeger of Perrysburg, Ohio.

But it’s such a good show!  I’m so excited about everything that has happened in the show and that is going to happen.  And here’s another amazing reason to love Parenthood.  Dustin Rowles posted this on today.

Mae Whitman’s boyfriend, Landon Pigg, took an LFO song from the ’90’s and had the cast of the show star in the video!  Seriously.  Watch it.  All of it.  It gets so funny.

RIGHT?  Gah I love this show.

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