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TV Characters I Wish Existed in Real Life



Most of these are for obvious reasons:

Tim RigginsFriday Night Lights – the hair, the lips, the brooding.

Tim Riggins Philosophy

Eddie Latekka – October Road – the simplicity, and the flannel.

Nick Miller – New Girl – the awkwardness.

Deacon Claybourne – Nashville – the devoted pining.

Cappie – Greek – the shenanigans.

James “Sawyer” Ford – LOST – the anger and the moments of sweetness.

This has all left me understandably flustered.  Good day.

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My Music Conundrum

I watch sitcoms and see people dancing around the kitchen to music while they cook.  I had a roommate that used to listen to music while she cleaned.  My boyfriend listens to music when he washes his/my car.  I have friends who are obsessed with music.

But me?  Music does not move me.  And that scares the crap out of me.

It used to.  It really did.  I’m not saying I had the best taste in music, but there was a time that I could throw in my Hanson CDs and be happy listening for hours.  The same goes for the Backstreet Boys, and even N’Sync, but I have to blame this on being a teeny bopper.  It wasn’t the music I loved…but rather the boys who sang it.

Throughout high school and early into college, I blared Bon Jovi wherever I went.  I still like the music, and I still like the band, but when I get in the car to drive those long two hours to Mike, I never want to listen to Bon Jovi.

Between college and now, it’s just been country music that I listen to casually.  There have only been a few songs that make me think back to certain times or situations.

Maybe that’s my problem?  I no longer link music to moments…

I remember listening to “I’m Like a Bird” by Nelly Furtado every day on my way to tan before senior prom.  Because of that, it is forever sunny when that song plays.

And when I hear “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi, I think of driving over the bridge in Fremont with my car packed with my guy friends all singing at the top of their lungs with me.

If Garth Brooks starts singing “Shameless” or Reba McIntyre comes on with “Fancy”, I think of my Jenny…and that fleet of firefighters we seduced with flasks at the Goat and Compass.

But there is not an album or a genre that I can put on, sit back, and enjoy.  I wish it weren’t so.  Lately I’ve been listening to folk, and really enjoying the folk from overseas…but I do not long for it in the car.

I want music that hits home with me and I can’t find it.  If you can help me out of my musical conundrum (Fowler, Harden, the Blairs, etc.), please do.  I am stuck, and a world without music truly sucks.


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…I don’t have a fun fact…

So I’ve been doing some profiles at work and I’m asking each person to include one fun/interesting fact about themselves.  I thought, “Oh, I’ll be clever and give them an example!”

Four minutes later with my fingers poised at the keys, I had nothin’.  Then I had to show a coworker something in the reception area, came back, and still had nothing.  What is my fun fact?

I don’t run marathons.  I’m not a doting pet mother.  I don’t think I can count the fact that I was born on Earth Day because I am hardly green.  I’m a serial long-distance relationshipper…but I don’t really like that about myself.  I only went skydiving once, so I can hardly call it a hobby.  I haven’t ridden my bike in over a year because it’s at Mike’s house.  Not a movie buff, either.

Maybe it’s not about hobbies…

Let’s see.  Fun facts fun facts…  I wrote a book that I refuse to publish.  I spent wasted spent three years in North Carolina for grad school.  I’m in love with my hometown, but that sentiment is hardly elusive among the peoples.  There’s a bridge I love to visit…but no one really cares about that.  I tried to live in Pennsylvania for five months, but it didn’t work out.

I’m not crafty.  I do not write for fun anymore.  I followed the Backstreet Boys around for awhile.  I never took a cross-country trip.  I love my car, but I’m not obsessed.

So what did I end up saying for my fun fact?  That I worked my way through college at a factory making washing machines.


There are fun facts about me, but the truth is that they are hardly awe-inspiring, and they are small-scale in comparison to most others.

I did love to teach.  I loved sitting in lifeguard stands at 3:00am.  I love to climb trees.  I like Roseanne.  I love getting paintings from artists I know.  I wish I were an avid quilt-maker.

I like wine…but I like cheap wine so that’s hardly impressive.  And I do not collect anything anymore (so sorry, Beanie Babies and key chains).


What it comes down to is this:  I’ve been stagnant.  It’s time to up the ante and actually start finding things that I like to do…things that I can do on a regular basis, regardless of the weather or the city, of who is with me or who isn’t.  I’ve got to find something that is me…

Lord…any suggestions?


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