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On Selfishness

On Selfishness

Header-01On Thursday, I found a purse that I wanted.  It was nothing like this, or this though.  It was much bigger that those two wants.  In fact, the want was overwhelming.

I decided to think about this though. It, again, was a large sum of money.  I ran it by my mom, and by Mike.  Both said it was an Erica purse.

But in the end, Mike and I run the finances together, and he said no.  I huffed, but understood, took a nap in my car on my lunch break, and returned to a message from Mike.

He said something like, “Next month, when we get married, we both lose some of our selfishness.  And next year, when the babies happen, we lose even more of our ability to do things for ourselves.  So I think you should have the purse.  Because, really, you deserve it.”

He gives me new reasons every day for marrying him. 🙂

2013-09-10 18.46.56

Here’s the purse:

2013-09-13 17.59.40

2013-09-13 18.02.04

2013-09-13 18.02.23

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A Wedding Rant


Here’s something I found out recently–planning a wedding is obnoxious–almost as obnoxious as Gwyneth Paltrow!  Before I start bitching, I will say that things have been good, and we’re lucky that my wonderful parents are graciously paying for it, and Mike’s wonderful parents are picking up the booze and rehearsal dinner.  We are INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL.

But here’s my wedding rant.  

Invitations.  The place where I got my invitations sent me a wonderful box of goodies with my name and Mike’s name all over the contents.  I took everything over to my grandparents house with the goal to do a marathon invitation stuffing session and get that shit in the email.  Only once I was ready did I realize that they failed to send me the right RSVP envelopes.

So all my RSVP cards would go to a woman named Jenny in New Jersey.  Invitations are on hold.  I haven’t forgotten about you.

Can I also just say that the price of invitations is RIDICULOUS?!  It’s a piece of paper that people will stick on their refrigerator or bulletin board for two months prior to your wedding.  On the day of your wedding, they’ll peel it down, stick it in the cup holder of their car where it will get stained by last week’s coffee, and reference it only to find out how to get to the church and then to the reception.  And then, in the morning, they’ll throw it away.

So if my invitations are not incredibly fancy and you are disappointed, I apologize.  But really, what do you care?  On October 27, it’ll be in the trash.

Where do I believe that the money should be spent on a wedding?

BOOZE, Photographer, DJ, Food, Cake.  Because really?  I don’t remember what one invitation looked like, what one bridesmaid bouquet looked like (except for those weddings I was in), what the flower girl wore, what the wedding favors were (although mine are going to rock), or whether or not the chairs had bows on the back.

Good day.

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I’d Rather Be In Ohio…


Damn Chris and Becky for being creative and making me want to get back into blogging.  DAMN YOU.

So for my birthday, my wonderful Mike bought me foundation and a pore refiner that I asked for, and this:

Courtesy of Alison Rose on

I am excited.  I think I’m so excited because this shirt says how I’ve always felt.  I’ve never really wanted to be anywhere but Ohio.  As I told Chris this morning, even the word Ohio looks like a comfy couch – all wonderful and overstuffed and with a dotted ‘i” pillow.

But Ohio is more than just a word.  If you’ll remember back to this post, you’ll see why I didn’t fit in North Carolina.  And as much as I loved the beauty of Pennsylvania, all those hills make me incredibly carsick.

No matter where I’ve been, or where I’ll go,
I’d rather be in Ohio.

Why?  Why why why?  

  • Because the people here are normal, level-headed people (for the most part).
  • Because in Ohio, there are no hurricanes, we’re only on the edge of Tornado Alley, I’ll never have to worry about a monsoon or a tidal wave, and snow, I can deal with.
  • Because flatland is beautiful.
  • Because of Cedar Point.
  • Because of the Big C’s (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati), all of which are fantastic cities.
  • Because of Rock and Roll.
  • Because of the love of football.
  • Because of Amish Country.
  • Because of Lake Erie.
  • Because of the Lake Erie Islands:  Put-In-Bay and Kelleys in particular.  
  • Because of the sprint car races.
  • Because of the cornfields.

There’s so much more.  So much.



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Some Hopes, for 2013 and Beyond



I’m a little late.  So sue me.  I don’t really make New Year’s Resolutions because I never follow through.  That doesn’t mean I don’t hope for things though.  I hope a lot.

I hope to be more understanding about the way people live their lives.

I hope to make a wonderful wife to Mike.

I hope to learn to cook…at least one dish.

I hope that Parenthood never goes away, because I can’t fathom another October Road.  I cannot go through it again…not knowing what happened to Nick and Hannah, or whether Nick or Eddie is Sam’s father.  I can’t!

I hope to read more…  What’s reasonable?  10 books this year?

I hope that reading more makes me want to write more.  

I hope that I can keep up this running and crunching thing. Because I’m kinda starting to like the way I look.

I hope I love my wedding dress even more when it gets here.  Who knew it took 6-8 months?  I’m dying to see her again!

I hope Mike to go somewhere exciting for our March anniversary.

I hope we get to go somewhere even more exciting for our honeymoon.

I hope we start the processing of buying a house.  We went to an open house and it truly ignited a fire in me to have a space of my own.  I love our townhouse, but to have a home…and to quit wasting money on rent.

I hope we can save a ton of money this year.

I hope the jeweler we’re working with sends me designs of my wedding band soon.

I hope our engagement session is beautiful.

I hope I’m pregnant when 2014 starts.

I hope all my knocked up friends have wonderful pregnancies and deliveries and that their nuggets are all healthy and happy.  

I hope to find ways to show Mom & Dad how much I appreciate all they do for me.

I hope my Grandma keeps her chin up and keeps moving.  

I hope the economy settles back into 1990s mode.

I hope that our country heads in the right direction.

I hope I talk to God in a more focused sense…rather than randomly throughout the day.

I hope I learn to like tea over coffee.

I hope I can quit eating marshmallows the way I do.  No lie, I have 4-5 bags stashed around my house.  And I just killed the Peeps.

I hope I can find tons of cute skirts for cheap.

I hope that camping becomes a common activity this summer.

I hope that Mike will take me fishing…a lot.

I hope none of my pre-determined baby names become popular.

I hope I begin to feel like an adult.

I hope I never lose the “kid” in me.

I hope that all the girls I went to college with can make peace.  I hope they realize that we only get one group of college friends and that we’re being idiots not seeing each other more often.

I hope I find an identity I can be proud of.

I hope I can find the “country” I seem to have misplaced.  

I hope I go to more concerts.

I hope that country music turns around for the better.

I hope to find one crafty bone in my body.


I hope for one of the best years of my life, in 2013 and beyond.


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The Male Condition – A Complete Misunderstanding of All Things Wedding

Hey Ya’ll.

No, I’m not engaged yet, but since everyone around me is getting married, there are a lot of fun conversations happening.  And because by the end of December, I’ll have gone to at least 7 weddings (I lost count), the conversations are a-plenty.  They all have a common theme, too…  I’m realizing that most men know nothing about wedding things.

I’m sure this is on purpose, or at least understandable based on the fact that most men don’t moon over weddings like us women do.

For instance, my Mike didn’t realize that there were two rings involved for the women–an engagement ring and a wedding band.

And someone recently said that their boyfriend thought the engagement ring was just a band, and the ring at the wedding was the more ornate one.  NO!

Ha ha…  so I’m giving the links of all my engagement/wedding etiquette here as a recap.  Call it a resource page for your men:

Engagement Rings

Proposals and Etiquette for Men and Women (don’t get a proposal planner!)

How to be realistic (this is more for the women) about proposals

Wedding Showers

Remember that time I met David Tutera?

That is all!  Any other confusion?  Ask me.


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First Kisses (Maple Syrup-Like Sap Warning)

The movies always portray the first kiss as this wondrous little sparkle that ignites the fuse of the relationship and burns quickly until–you guessed it–you get to that stick of dynamite and everything blows up.

Oh, don’t worry, ya’ll.  Mike and I are nowhere near the end of that fuse.  I’m not quite sure there is one ( 😀 ).

I don’t believe that everyone has their “first kiss” and that’s it. I mean, each first kiss is a chance to start it all over.  That’s why people place so much precedence on it.

My very first first kiss was kind of a disaster.  I didn’t know it was coming, or what I was doing for that matter.  I was walking a boy out of my parents’ house on an early spring night.  I thank him for stopping over, gave him a hug.  And with my attempt to end the hug, I had lips on my face.  Strong, high school band, trumpet playing lips.  In truth, I didn’t want it to ever happen again. When I went back into the house, my mother realized my horror and smiled.

Oddly, I do not recall the first kiss of the boy I dated for three years in high school.  It was either on a bench at the ice rink, or in the back of my mother’s minivan while she drove us to his house.

There was a first kiss in my dorm room at Ashland University that I had been waiting for for months and told my roommate Kay about in the showers the next morning–all babbling and blushing and wonderful.

A hesitant first kiss on my front porch after he’d jumped down, paused, thought twice, and jumped back up.  That kind of sums up that relationship.

There was a first kiss that devastated a two-year infatuation in a single moment with a long-haired, Trans-Am driving mechanic that smelled of patchouli rose oil and Marlboros.  Because really, a kiss is sometimes all you need to know that what you were after was a bad idea.

And then I remember my first kiss with Mike.  Weeks of wanting to, but being unable.  Too many nights holding hands in the streets, our forearms brushing together, staring at each other’s mouths.  And then watching a movie in a dimly lit living room on Petral Court, he made a joke about Dirty Dancing, I jokingly pouted about Patrick Swayze and pulled a quilt over my head.  And then he was under the quilt with me, all warm breath and closeness, the light poking through the swirls left by the thread that held the quilt together.  In the dark, where neither one of us could see, our lips landed on one another’s and lit the fuse.

It was the best first kiss of my life.  And if I’m lucky, it’ll be the last first kiss of my life. 🙂


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I Wish I Had a “Guy” for Things

Ha ha–I mean, I have a guy and his name is Mike and he is WONDERFUL.  He’s actually the guy.  The one I love to pieces and pieces and pieces.  The guy who has made me smile so much over the past three years.

I mean I wish I was the person who had a “guy” for things.  You know, like, I wish I had a “car guy” who would give Mike an awesome deal on a new car.

I wish I had a “finance guy” who would tell me where/when/how to invest.

I wish I had a “real estate guy” who would show me how to buy a house.

I wish I had a “ring guy” who would understand my desire for jewelry and give whoever I marry a cheaper way to make my dream ring come true.

Ha ha, I think mostly I just want to be able to say, “I know a guy.”



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Things That I Spend Too Much Time Worrying About

I spend a lot of time worrying. I should probably stop that.

But for fun, here are the things I spend too much time worrying about:

  • $$$
  • Where my black t-shirt is
  • If someone will use my designated baby names before me
  • Whether fats or carbs are more harmful
  • If I ran far enough
  • How much I spent on my jeans
  • If I turned my screen off at work
  • If there are bugs in my apartment that I can’t see (I KNOW THERE ARE)
  • How long I’ll have to live in a damn apartment
  • Whether or not my upstairs neighbors are sawing at a skate ramp or a body at 11pm
  • What other people think about me
  • Whether or not I can pull off crochet
  • The fact that I don’t have a style
  • How damn busy I am every weekend (booked up till June 16)
  • How everyone else is getting married before me
  • The state of today’s children (read:  their weakness and inability to handle the world as it comes at them)
  • The disappearance of cursive in schools
  • The disappearance of memory due to Google
  • The disappearance of spelling ability
  • Friends moving away
  • Whether or not I go home enough
  • If I really needed two Michael Kors bags
  • Where I’m going to get married (I’m from Northwest Ohio, Mike’s from Western PA, I live in the middle)
  • Why I can’t do the crafts that I find on Pinterest
  • What I could cook if I actually cooked
  • Whether or not Mike will leave me because I cannot cook 😉
  • If I could keep a plant alive
  • Why people fight about religion
  • Why anyone would own a guinea pig
  • Why moose don’t live in Ohio
  • Why Mike doesn’t like the flat lands
  • Why I haven’t traveled
  • Why I hated North Carolina so much
  • Why we haven’t invented a teleportation system yet
  • Why I can hear cardinals lately, but I can’t seem to find them

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So I promised pictures…

And here they are!  If I’m in the grey dress, it’s the wedding.  Blue sweater, bachelorette party, anything else, 3 year anniversary.

A Baby for Good Measure

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Back in Ohio, 3 Years In, Love Him More Than EVER

Hi People!

I’m back in Ohio after my weekend with Mike in PA, Maryland (at the Rocky Gap Resort), and even a lil bit of West Virginia.  We had such a great time, and the weather couldn’t have been better.  We hiked and drank and ate and loved.  It was perfect.

I’m playing catch-up at work right now (this is my 3 minute lunch break just to update–does that tell you how much I love you all?), but I’ll post pictures soon.

In fact, I owe you a plethora of pictures, don’t I?  Perhaps tonight, after a long long long run (in my new kicks!) in the 80 degree March weather.  Unprecedented!

For now, I’ll tide you over with this–a picture of the ring Mike got me:

I love it!

Happy first day of Spring!

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