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MAGIC Camp – Gender Roles – Clearing Things Up

Yesterday, you may have noticed my suspiciously missing post.  I know I know, I never miss a weekday!  But this time, I had good reason.

The content in this post must be in the air, as my friend Jarvis addressed both online and to his class in this post.

I spent all yesterday in Euclid, Ohio filming a camp dedicated to showing women that they can be involved in construction.  Whether it’s out in the field swinging a hammer or running a forklift to in the office, managing the financials and selling the service.  Or Hell, like me, in the Marketing Department of a software company that makes accounting software for construction.

The point is that I think women in construction is a great idea.  Women are fully capable of doing any job in the construction spectrum.

I know that you all think that I’m one of those “Why doesn’t a woman need a watch? Because there’s a clock on the stove” kinda women.  But I’m truly not.  I can celebrate women in the workplace (duh, I am one) and I have absolutely no problem with women who are powerful, driven, etc.

What I do have a problem with are people in general (men and women) who feel overly entitled, or who are fighting too hard for a battle that’s already won.  I don’t always know how to handle extremists when I can’t see a reason for their being extreme.  For instance, today I posted the following:  Ladies—-pay the money to get your hair done. It’s an accessory that you wear EVERY DAY.

Some people rejoiced.  Others, like Jarvis, thought that I was discounting men as being able to pay to get their hair done.  I was not in any way chastising men for doing this, nor was I suggesting that they shouldn’t do it.  I just left your gender out of a post, and immediately you felt offended and entitled to attack me for it.  Which you may have been.  😉

Go to a barbershop or a salon or wherever it is you want to go.   Women can work in construction.  Men can be hairdressers.  Women can wear pants now, and men can use an unusual amount of hair product.  We will all always judge what others do, but it’s all subjective.  I don’t think men should wear skinny jeans, but I don’t think anyone should wear skinny jeans to be honest.

In his post, Jarvis asks his students:

“If a guy sees a girl, and she is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt and short hair, and he says, she looks like a guy, what if the girl says, no, you look like me.  I’m a girl, so you look like a girl. What happens in this situation?”

I say to each their own.  If you have to point something out like that, then you shouldn’t be saying it anyway.  And I’m not sure this conversation would actually happen this day in age.

If you refer back to my posts about men and what a man is and blah blah blah, you can easily assume that this post is a bunch of pompous bullshit.  What I was describing in all those posts on my PERSONAL blog are my PERSONAL feelings about what I like about men, what kind of men I am attracted to, and the type of man I seek out as a husband.  That is all.

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