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A Mapper’s Wedding Ring

About three times I week, I lose myself in internet fancy and start staring at big-stoned wedding rings.   I rarely look at men’s rings because frankly, they’re not so exciting.  But I found this one today:

For those of you who may not know me, my boyfriend is a mapper.  Not the Christopher Columbus, track the stars, wear stockings and a three-pointed hat kind of mapper, but rather a real-life one that actually makes maps of Pennsylvania and loves the land.

Which is why he needs to marry me ASAP so I can buy him this ring!  Whatdya say, Mike? 😉


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Sexy Occupations

Mapper – Maybe I’m a little biased, and sure, maybe Mike is the only mapper I’ve ever really known, but MAPPING IS SEXY!  Maybe it’s because I think that the land is sexy, but a man who has direction and never makes you worry about being lost.  Someone who can tell you what that rock formation is called, that right there is where the glaciers stopped coming down in the Ice Age.  Someone who can judge distance, and someone who has a bigger picture in mind than just what they’re looking at.  It’s sexy when a man is interested in the location of things, how they lie, and when they point out a shape in nature that mirrors the shape of a woman’s body…

Landscaper  – Like I said, land is sexy.  And when you’re trying to make the land more beautiful, you get more sexy points!  And if you’re working in the dirt, you’re probably getting a little warm.  And if you’re getting warm, well, you’re probably shiny with sweat.  And shiny sweaty dirty (in terms of actual dirt) men are darn near my favorite type of men.  Plus, he can bring home extra flowers.  And what woman doesn’t love that?  And I hate to sound hippyish, but it’s pretty freaking cool to watch a guy commune with nature.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that landscapers are outside a lot, so they’re tan.  BONUS!

Mechanic – Anyone else noticing a trend here?  Mechanics work with their hands.  They get grimy and sweat (am I gross for liking this?).  They FIX things.  That’s what I like.  I like when men can fix things.  When they can do something with their hands and the results are visible.  I love love love that.  And I’m hyper-aware of the noises my car makes, so if I can say, “Hey, it sounded like this,” and then make some onomatopoetic noise and the man knows what’s wrong, well.  Dang.  Anyone who is that in tune with a machine deserves sexy points.

Musician – Lucky for me, Mike can also play guitar.  Call me pervy, but it’s pretty sexual watching a man play an instrument.  It’s kind of like the mechanic-that musician knows that guitar, or piano, or drum set better than he probably knows himself.  And the care they take the play it, to learn it, to make it wail.  Rawr.

What do you like to watch men do?


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