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My Sincerest Apologies

I must take this time to apologize to all of you.    Shame on me.  Shame on me for tricking you all, but it felt SO good!  It felt good to finally be a trickster (as I am always the one being tricked…into touching real mannequins and so forth).  I created more confusion by taking it down and then putting it back up.  Here’s why:

There are quite a few people apparently pulling for us to get hitched.  So I didn’t want to give anyone a heart attack or send someone into a tizzy.  Plus, I didn’t want to field all the phone calls just to break the news that no, it isn’t happening.  Kind of like telling your kids you’re going to Disney World, then a week before it’s supposed to happen, you have to tell them that your electric bill was more than you expected, and your credit card and student loan payments are due…and no Mickey Mouse.

And truth be told, it felt good to finally just say it.  To say, “Mike proposed to me!”  I’ve thought it a thousand times–how I will coyly put my newly-ringed hand on the table in front of my parents and his parents until someone notices.  How I might send the something in the mail and sign it, “The-Soon-To-Be-Mrs.-Baker.”  And then to tell my friends!  Oh the joy.  Joy that will wait.

But there are reasons that it has not happened yet.  VALID reasons.  Reasons that even though I throw a hissy-fit when I hear them, they make sense to me.

Most of us only get to be engaged once.  I do have friends who are engaged and living in different cities, engaged and living in different states, engaged and rarely get to see each other, and that works for them.  It does not, however, work for Mike and me.  It does not work because we have already been kept apart long enough.  We do not want to be apart during that pivotal point in our relationship.  In the two years that we’ve been in a relationship, we’ve LIVED in the same town for 5 months.  Plus, the actual time we’ve spent together including weekends and vacations and that 5 months still totals less than a year.

We live in separate worlds, and it sucks.

On a good note, we spent a glorious three days together.  I can’t wait till next weekend.  I just want to be with him again. And someday I’ll get to break that news.  Hopefully.

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Okay, my Catholic guilt attacked me.  It’s not true.



I’m making the move from housegirlfriend to housewife!  I’m so excited!  Pictures and more later!  I wondered why Mike came early this weekend–and now I get it.  I’m so lucky.





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A Domestic Interlude: Ain’t I a Woman?

I may not be a domestic goddess, but I am a woman.  I am a woman who wants to get married.  And I am a woman wants to start having children yesterday.

I’m in a tough place right now.  My senior year of undergrad (2006-2007) and the summer after, all my girlfriends that I graduated with got engaged.  And I went to grad school.  Now, I was happy for them.  I knew that there were going to be nights of bridesmaid dresses and bubbling champagne.  I knew that there was going to be dancing, and that we’d all get to get together and party like we did when we first met.  Weddings were like mini-college reunions, and I looked forward to them.

Aimee married Chris.  Kay married Matt.  Rachel married Matt (different Matt, don’t worry).  Barbs married Robert.

I won’t lie.  I was jealous.  I love them all to death, and I am incredibly happy that they are happy.  But there’s something in me that is primitively jealous.

During my undergrad, we picked up a couple extra girls in our group; they are two years younger, and graduated in 2009.  My lovely little freshmen (as they will always be called) are both in pretty serious relationships.  Heidi will probably be engaged around Christmas.  Jessica’s boyfriend has already asked her father’s permission, and she is researching reception halls.

And my jealousy returns, but this time with a tinge of embarrassment.  I’m two years older…about to turn 26…  The first round of my friends are celebrating their second and third anniversaries.  My second round of friends are getting ready to be married.  And the babies are coming, by the dozen, and they invade the photo page of my Facebook…

And me?  I am living in Brunswick, doing my job (which I still freaking love by the way), and thinking about buying a new car.

What am I doing wrong?  Why hasn’t this happened yet?

And I have to be a little grateful that it hasn’t…because anyone before Mike would have made for a disastrous husband for me(sorry if any of you read this).  Mike is incredible.  🙂  Maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten there yet.  I was waiting to find him.

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Garters and Bouquets?


This past weekend Mike and I drove to Ohio.  My friend Ashley was getting married.  It was 90 degrees.  Thunderstorms threatened the horizon all morning.  The service was beautiful.

Ashley and Jake had their wedding in Spiegel Grove, which is where President Hayes’ house is, and where he is buried, and where all the most beautiful trees are in Fremont.  It’s a place where everyone takes their prom pictures, where weddings that don’t take place there have photo shoots, and where you can feed squirrels seeds, peanuts, and corn from the palm of your hand.  It’s a sweet little place.

And in an array of lemon yellows and lime greens, Ashley married Jake.  It was so gorgeous.

At the reception, they even had lime beer.  🙂  Chilada style.

And for the record, I caught the bouquet.  And Mike caught the garter.  And all night in my head, I planned my own wedding.  To him.  And I say this only because I know he doesn’t read my blog.

Truth is, I’m waiting patiently to move from housegirlfriend to housewife.  Maybe not so patiently.

More on this later.

Coffee and tiny beauty queens.  Bring it on.

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