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Fleeting Songs Meant More

I clearly remember pulling into a parking spot outside of my brother’s first tee ball game.  It was 1994, and “I Swear” by All 4 One had just been released.  And I loved it.  The song had been in my head for days, and as we were pulling into the parking lot, it magically came on the radio.

I begged my mother to leave my 9-year-old self alone in the car, to listen to the song for three blissful minutes, to just let me listen.  I didn’t have the CD or the cassette…I’m not even sure if at 9, I had a means to play either.  But I know that I needed to hear that song.

It’s been like that with multiple songs, mostly throughout the 1990’s.  We never just YouTubed a song–we waited, in the morning videos of MTV and VH1, but more commonly, the radio.  Each song was a shooting star, a fleeting moment that we caught by chance and truly cherished.  Now, any song we want is at our fingertips and achieved within seconds.

I’m not saying that I don’t totally appreciate the ability to YouTube a song, or to download it or put it on my iPod to play in my car…  I’m just saying that I was a lot more appreciative of music when I didn’t have such easy access to it.

I remember waiting for “I’m Like a Bird” by Nelly Furtado, “Hotel California” by the Eagles, “Mo Money Mo Problems” by Biggie.  And you know what?  These are the songs that hold the biggest spots in my heart because I always made sure I remember where I was when I heard them the first time.

This still happens…just rarely.  Like Mike and I leaning against the brick wall of the Reel Cafe in Wilmington while a band played “Melissa” by The Allman Brothers.  That song still gives me chills.



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Desperate Attempt to Return to My Adolescence

I am ashamed to admit this…  But apparently not ashamed enough to tell you.

Last night, in a desperate attempt to return to my adolescence, I got on the internet and searched “Backstreet Boys Fanfiction”.  You see, in junior high, I was the textbook example of a teenybopper.  There was no “Team Edward” “Team Jacob” bullshit.  You were either a Backstreet Boys fan, or an N*Sync fan.

I was full-on BSB.  My friend Caitlin and I ate, drank, and slept BSB.  We went to concerts, recorded TV appearances, watched TRL on the phone together.  We stole a banner (I need to find that in my parents’ basement) and even went so far as to chase their tour bus on foot…  I’m not proud of that.

But we had a notebook that we passed back and forth in the hallways of our junior high.  This notebook was filled with (obviously) fictional stories about Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, and Caitlin and me.  They were all fairly innocent, consistently ending on a yacht in Florida during my marriage to Nick and Caitie’s marriage to Brian.

Then I started turning to the interwebs to see what else people were writing about the Backstreet Boys–and my mind was blown.  People wrote DIRTY stories about the BSB.  And on top of that (haha) people wrote slash fanfiction about them (slash = guy on guy in the fanfic world)!  I was appalled.  That’s not to say that I didn’t read some of the dirty BSB stories.  I credit much of my sexual education to online fanfiction.

Obviously, the BSB fell off the map, and I grew up and just started buying Harlequin romance novels.  But last night, I wanted to read about the good ole Backstreet Boys.  And to my HUGE disappointment…there is hardly any fanfiction left about them!

It’s probably been about 12 years since I last searched it.  Crazy how the internet changes.  And crazy how things you never thought would disappear…do.

PS, you can laugh at me.  I did.


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