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Conclusion of the Day: 2012 is Going to Be BUSY!

Hey ya’ll.  Going on my lunch break a lil late because I have been freaking BUSY.  Super busy.  And a lil sick.

But there are plans for 2012, oh yes, there are plans.  Here is my tentative list for 2012:

  • My cousin Hilary’s wedding on March 3.
  • My three-year anniversary with Mike on March 19.
  • My 27th birthday on April 22.
  • Mike’s 27th birthday on May 14.
  • Telluride Bluegrass Festival June 21-24???   JENNNNNNY!
  • My friend Jessica’s wedding on June 16th.
  • My friend Gina’s wedding on June 30th.
  • A possible trip to Arizona over July 4th.
  • My friend Heidi’s wedding on October 27th.
  • My friend Craig’s wedding on November 10th.
  • I’d like to go to Maine…but I’m going to have to start picking and choosing between that, Colorado, and Arizona…
  • I’m going to learn to play the banjo.

Plus, I think that I’m going to do some soul searching this year.  Nothing too big.  Maybe get a dog?  Maybe get …some other things.  😉

2012 will be my year of acceptance.  How about that?  Life’s easier when you just accept it.  CHEERS!


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So This is the New Year

And I don’t feel any different.  (If you can guess which song that’s from, I’ll give you…recognition that you knew it.)

It’s 2011.

Mike and I drove to Ashland on Friday morning to ring in the new year with my old roommate Kay, and her husband Matt.  We left relatively early, bumbled around Fin Feather & Fur and then ate lunch at Jake’s.  After that, we wandered around the university, climbed my old tree, tried to find coffee, and just enjoyed ourselves.  With no coffee in hand, we fed cheese crackers to the ducks at Brookside Park, saw a cardinal in a tree, and drove through my favorite old cemetery.  We met up with an old professor and dear friend at O’Bryan’s Pub–where I drank heavily as an undergrad.  After that, it was off to Kay and Matt’s house where we played drinking games and enjoyed ourselves.

I missed being in Ashland, and I loved going around and seeing the things that I used to see on a daily basis.  I miss college sometimes.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I get around to putting them up.  I’ve been a tad under the weather.  And I certainly haven’t been motivated in this new year.  There’s lots to look forward to, though.

My New Year’s Resolution is to not freak out so much.  It’s giving me wrinkles, gray hair, and Lord knows what else.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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