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“People Are Too Dumb To Pick Their Own Leaders”

My favorite, and probably truest, headline.

Note:  What’s with Erica getting so political all of the sudden?  Could it be part of her restyle?

Anyway, if you’ll remember awhile back, I was all anti-politics and anti-voting.  And there was a good reason:  because I am not informed enough to vote, and I don’t care enough to be informed.

I have no interest in voting because I do not want to devote the time to learning about all of the issues and all of the politicians’ stances.  Plus, well, I just think the whole thing is corrupt.  But then I see the headline above and I start to read through the article (and even though it’s from The Daily Mail), I find some truth in it.

The majority of Americans are too dumb to pick a leader.  Too dumb in the fact that they are like me and do not want to do the research.  I mean, when I found Roseanne was running for President, I wanted to vote for her just because she’s Roseanne.  Which leads me back to the point I made in this post:  because leaders are only in office for 4 years, we don’t put too much precedence on throwing them in there.

Maybe we all ought to care a little more (myself included).  Maybe we will now that we’re ticked off at gas prices. 😉

NOTE:  I have been informed that the President has nothing to do with gas prices.  This explains my earlier statements in the post:  I am dumb.  Thanks, David!  You’re lucky I still like you.

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